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Can a tear trough treatment wake up my tired eyes?

(This is not a paid for ad. Treatment review was a press gift)

Three little words I’d come to really, really hate. “You look tired.” Through a gritted smile I’d make some excuse. The kids had been playing up. Mr BBE had been snoring louder than a bulldog with a cold. But actually, no matter how stress-free, sleep-fuelled or amount of concealer I packed on, I had to admit that I did always look shattered. Even if my eyes weren’t packing bags, they still appeared shadowy and sprinkled with deep lines. I thought that cucumber pads, concealer and photoshop would be my only route to a clearing away my inner racoon until the opportunity to test a Tear Trough treatment came up.

I’d read about the procedure for years. On the face of it (pun intended) I liked what I read. That it was a non-surgical procedure using filler that could ‘clean up’ the dark, hollow areas under my eyes. Fine lines would become way less visible resulting in a more wide awake look and if reports were true, a younger one too.  What concerned me however, was where to go for it. These are my eyes after all. Googling locally, quite a few of the beauty clinics who listed Tear Trough among their treatments made no mention of a medical pro taking charge of the procedure. For me, that was non-negotiable so when the invitation came to trial it from Nurse Alice Jenkins at Harley Injectables I was more than keen.

With a celebrity following who regularly travel from abroad to see her, Nurse Alice has built Harley Injectables up to be one of the busiest non-surgical treatment clinics in London. She offers a range of treatments – from botox and stem cell facials to IV vitamin drips and Kylie Jenner contour packages – all conducted by registered aesthetic doctors and nurses. In her jasmine-scented wall-to-wall pristine white clinic in London she explained exactly what tear troughs were and what the treatment involved. 

As we age, the fat pads under our eyes migrate southwards giving the whole area a sunken look that’s often blue-ish in tone along with unwelcome wrinkling. This treatment involves an injection of filler that’s then massaged along the tear trough area to add volume and smooth away wrinkles. Alice uses Juvederm, a hyaluronic-acid based filler that melds with facial tissue to create natural-looking results. Hyaluronic acid is a plant-based alternative to collagen that has the ability to act like a sponge, sucking up fluid and filling out the area. Alice emphasised that while the treatment definitely offered a dose of brightening, any areas of deep pigmentation wouldn’t be affected. 

Still, with numbing cream having worked its magic to anaesthetise the area between my lower eyelids and tops of cheeks plus a stress-ball on standby, Alice started the treatment by making an entry point using a small, sharp needle. In all honesty, this was the only time I made use of the stress-ball. To inject the filler, Alice uses a blunt-tip cannula rather than a needle so there’s no chance of bursting into an artery (her words.) The cannula simply glides around it. There’s also less chance of bleeding and bruising. I could barely feel a thing as she injected the filler into my tear troughs, just gentle massage as she worked it to the areas she wanted it placed. Each eye took no more than about five minutes and I was done. 

Looking in a mirror, I could see a difference straight away. My whole under eye area seemed lifted… and cleaner. I could still smile and show a few laughter lines – and who wouldn’t want that – but overall, I looked fresher.. and more awake. Alice explained that the results would become even clearer over the next couple of weeks as the filler settled into place. She offered a top up treatment for a fortnight’s time which I’ll hopefully take advantage of. Apart from that, her advice was to keep my hands away from my eyes for the rest of the day, forget any plans to exercise and just cleanse before bed as normal. 

I’m really pleased with the results after just the first treatment and Alice says I can expect the results to last up to two years. The filler will just gradually degrade and pass through my system completely safely. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going because a. I didn’t want filler-phobes to reprimand me and b. I wanted to see if anyone noticed. Since having it done, no one has commented on me looking tired. I have been asked if I’ve had a facial and a new hair dye-job but no one has even suggested that I’ve had ‘work done.’ You really couldn’t tell anyway, it’s so subtle. This treatment’s got a big tick in my little white beauty book. Before I left (blood and bruise-free I might add) I asked Alice for a few tips to pass onto B2Bs considering a Tear Trough treatment. 

When should brides have it done?
Don’t wait until just before your wedding day. Have your first treatment around two months before and top it up when you’ve two weeks to go.

How can you guarantee a reputable therapist?
Make sure that they’ve been medically trained and check their websites for reviews. It’s worthwhile seeing if they’re on instagram too but don’t assume that all the pictures are theirs. Anyone can buy a library shot and claim it as their own work. Again, check for reviews or seek word of mouth recommendations.

Can you combine this treatment with other ones like lasers and botox?
Yes, lots of brides want more than one treatment done. Ideally, you should wait two weeks between each one to give the skin time to settle. 

A Tear Trough treatment shouldn’t be cheap – prices at Harley Injectables start from £550. Yes, that’s eye-watering-ly high but it’s given me one hell of a shot of confidence. As with any kind of ‘work’ whether it’s full-on surgical or via a syringe, if something knocks your confidence on a daily basis, then isn’t it worth every penny if you can change it? But you must, must see a qualified doctor or nurse if you want to guarantee your best possible result. For more information on Harley Injectables and Nurse Alice Jenkins please click here.

Now I’m not one of those bloggers who loves putting their pictures everywhere but I hope this mini shots show the difference the treatment made – a definite lighting up plus less obvious wrinkles

Me before: 

Me after:

Have you ever had a tear trough treatment – or any other non-surgical ones? I’d love to know how you got on.

Sarah x

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  • it’s becoming the norm to have ‘work done.’ i don’t like it but i have to face facts. at least you’ve made this treatment sound not too painful or invasive. and i do notice the difference in your pictures

    4 months ago : kim
  • The difference is remarkable. But a needle is still a needle…

    4 months ago : Sophia
  • Once lockdown is done, I definitely need some tlc via aesthetics. A lack of sleep and stress has definitely had an effect on my face, particularly around my eyes. I’m not sure if tear trough is what i need but I think a consultation to work out what would be best is well worth while. I just need the salons to open again1 x

    2 years ago : hettie
  • Hi, very nice website, cheers!

    3 years ago : Chanelle
  • That is a pretty great result. It’s not cheap but i like that you say it lasts two years. That’s way longer than botox

    3 years ago : iris
  • Great review

    3 years ago : Jo
  • My eyes upset me so much but my wedding is imminent. I think this would have done wonders for my confidence. I’ll be relying on makeup and retouched photos now x

    3 years ago : Marie
  • You look great. I can really see a difference. It’s tempting…. hmmm…..

    3 years ago : Ulla
  • Brave… but worth it. I doubt I’d get past the entry needle! X

    3 years ago : Jo
  • This is a great review. I always thought it was more of a draining treatment. I’d love to wipe out wrinkles and brighten up under my eyes. I’ve had Botox and lip fillers before so needles don’t bother me. Before a wedding you want to do anything that makes you feel your best. It’s expensive but over two years it works out a good price. Plus you can save on concealer and foundation which I hate wearing. Riley x

    3 years ago : Riley