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Bounce away your pre-big day bulge!


Bored of barre? Sick of spinning? Then bounce your way to bridal body perfection!

Spare tyres and a satin figure-hugging Maggie Sottero dress do not a picture of bridal elegance make. But where did that excess baggage come from? Hang on, mini flapjacks whilst poring over the guest list suddenly springs to mind…. Taste-checking reception canapes and cupcake samples too. (Well, someone had to do it.) Add a few porn star martinis sunk whilst finalizing the hen do plans with your MOH and it’s no wonder you’re suddenly pinching an inch. Okay, it’s time to stop the mindless munching, peel your sloth-like self off the sofa and do some exercise. Same goes for me.

Thing is, I’m gymphobic. I tried a year’s membership – and I even went quite a lot. But often I was there more in body than mind (and effort.) Didn’t like my leggings? I cut my workout super-short. Battery died on my phone so no tunes? I was outta there quick smart. I tried running around the park too but the leggings/battery problem persisted (somehow.) What I needed was a fitness meth that ticked all my boxes – cool leggings, (I’ll come on to those later) great tunes, was fast and fun, actually make that FUN.

As luck would have it, my dream exercise reg practically fell into my lap – or behind my back garden to be exact. A new class was in town and it would take me exactly thirty seconds to reach it. So I roped in some pals and crept quietly to the back of the hall for our first session of ((BOUNCE))

You may have come across trampoline-based classes before – they’re boinging up everywhere. But if not, they’re basically hour-long workouts on mini-trampolines (or trampettes.) Remember how much fun that was when you were a kid? Well, two minutes in and you’ll also remember how exhausting it was too. However, this time there are no flips or somersaults, it’s more like a cardio dance session combining small jumps, bounces, jumping jacks etc against a soundtrack of 4am-in-The-Ministry-of-Sound thumping, pumping music.

Yonks ago, NASA scientists declared that bouncing on a trampoline was ‘the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man.’ They added that it was better than jogging (two thumbs up from me for that) and put less pressure on your joints because the mat of the trampoline worked like a resistance tool to absorb most of the impact. Yay!

But back to my class. It’s a set programme of 40 minutes choreographed fat-burning cardio in two four-track sessions then 20 minutes of toning and stretching. I average around 7000 steps per class and burn up to 700 calories. Sweet! So far, since I started going in January I’ve stuck to Basic ((BOUNCE)) but there’s also Blast (harder, with weights and less breaks) and Balance (more body conditioning, combining yoga and pilates). What’s also great is that kids are welcome so there’s no reason to slack off during school holidays and the latter stages of your maternity leave. Your little darlings could be screaming at the top of their voices and because of the loud music, you won’t bother a fellow bouncer.

So why does it work for me? Because it’s fast, is apparently more than twice as effective as a regular aerobics class, is a great stress-beater and the tunes are great – everything from souped-up Sia to Tinie Tempah. And about the leggings? ((BOUNCE)) have their own shop – and the leggings are awesome! Bright eye-popping prints in dizzying graphics that really pack a punch. They do look better if the legs inside them are fabulous, however, so I need to go to a few more of Summer’s sessions before I’m brave enough to become a bonafide member of the bright legginged Bounce Army. Check these babies out…


L: Electric  R: Fireworks, both £37

So that’s how I’m hoping to shape up for summer bikinis and beyond. Have you ever tried a trampoline class? Or, if tramps aren’t your tipple, how have you been shedding your pre-wedding weight? I’d love to know what’s working for you. I’ve been reading today about Crawling classes. Apparently, it’s set to be the next big fitness trend – though it just sounds like a back ache waiting to happen to me.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you below

Sarah x

You might like to read a post I wrote on old-school exercises some time ago. How things like hula hooping, piggy back and hopscotch etc can help you trim for your big day, honeymoon and beyond.

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  • Just a question- have you seen the new olive collection? It’s divine. I don’t need it but I deserve it

    2 years ago : Reema
  • You’re absolutely right. Bounce is fast, fierce and fun. I’m totally addicted and am really noticing it paying off especially around my belly – which is awesome as I’ve chosen a trumpet shape dress which hides nothing! Shelley

    2 years ago : Shelley
  • I swapped my desk chair for a Pilates ball so I’m gently bouncing up and down all day. By the end of the day I can really feel it in my legs and stomach. I’d love a standing desk with a walking machine underneath but doubt my boss will go for it xx

    4 years ago : Mayley
  • I don’t Bounce but I want the leggings!!!! There are even more awesome ones on the website. I’m trying to decide between 5 pairs ! X

    5 years ago : Zrogers
  • My biggest challenge is my pelvic floors!!!😬🤞🏻 AM

    5 years ago : Mandie
  • Crawling? Like the human gorilla still doing the London marathon? No ta! Mrs Harper TB

    5 years ago : JAne
  • I don’t think you need skinny legs for those leggings! Just confidence! Go for it! You deserve them! 🕴🏻🤸‍♂️⚗️Frances xx

    5 years ago : Francis
  • Need those Electric leggings in my life!!!!!!! Great, motivational post. I need it! 😉Anna Kelsy

    5 years ago : AK47
  • Am glad I found your post – even though I’ve been married over 15 years! Just wanted to add that I suffered a really painful ankle (ok, it was a shoe injury). Since I’ve been bouncing all the pain has vanished. I think it’s great. Mo x

    5 years ago : Mjacman
  • Trampoline workouts def gave me my fitness mojo back after having a baby. Now I’m a fiancé I’ll be bouncing twice as hard. Gill x

    5 years ago : Gill66