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How to relax… fast

COAST Bach Basics Atoll Charcoal.jpg are so many details to consider and decisions to make when you’re planning your wedding. Which diamante-encrusted tiara will look best with your boho waves or neat ballerina bun? Whether to go for chocolate or madeira cake inside your two or three tiers? It’s easy to feel frazzled by a never-ending to-do list. The closer my own W-day came, the more overwhelmed I began to feel. Wedding planning shouldn’t be a stressful business, so to stop myself from exploding – and to save my nails from being completely chewed off – I forced myself to take a breath … and a break whenever things started to get on top of me.

I remembered this when recently Aromatherapy Associates kindly sent me a collection of their perfectly pampering Relax products along with a sand timer that carried a list of fast five-minute ways to relax. Things like taking a warm bath with a face mask on, trying a five-minute meditation and reflecting on the positive things that had been achieved that day. I posted a request out to busy B2Bs for their favourite fast ways to unwind. Some of them may help you chillax a little and enjoy your busy days a lot more. They came back with:

Reading a book…
… or a magazine. Immersing yourself in someone else’s story, whether fictional or real-life, will take your mind away from wedding stuff. Though you might want to steer clear of celeb wedding reads…

Having a foot massage…
… well, to be honest any type of massage is relaxing but research has found that having your feet rubbed can lower levels of anxiety and help you let go of stress and prepare for a better sleep. Plus it feels really good too!

Painting your nails…
… shaping, buffing, selecting shades and laying back to daydream while they dry. You can’t risk doing anything that might sabotage your paint job (plus your solitaire looks even more sparkly when you’re done.)

Snuggling up on the sofa…
… with your G2B. A quick cuddle could end up in a ….. Netflix box set. I found a great piece of research that states being physically close to someone you love can make you feel happier, healthier, safer and calmer. It’s all thanks to a ‘happy chemical’ called oxytocin which your bodies start to release.

Borrowing a dog to take for a walk…
… you get exercise, as well as unconditional love from your four-legged friend.

Sipping a cup of green tea…
… the benefits of a mug of green tea are endless. Weight loss, hair growth, and stronger nails on top of unplugging stress. It’s all down to less caffeine and lots of an antioxidant called theanine.

Dancing around the living room…
… An instant fix for a bad mood or overly busy mind. Time to unleash your inner Britney!

Breathing deeply…
… in through the nose and out through the mouth with your eyes closed. It’ll lower your heart rate and blood pressure too.

Lighting a citrus scented candle…
… because fragrances bursting with orange or lemon notes are instantly energising.

Laughing with the girls…
… Okay, so a proper girlie sesh will take more than five minutes but a quick phone call should take your mind off dress fittings, seating plans etc….

Looking at honeymoon brochures …
…how can pictures of cloudless blue skies and swaying palm trees not force you to relax?

Watching youtube videos…
… of stuff like puddles of nail varnish blending into one another is sooooo relaxing. Honestly, it’s ‘a thing’

Staying positive…
It’ll turn out beautifully in the end. You’ll look head-to-toe amazing and will enjoy every minute of your perfect day

I reckon that by taking your foot off the pedal, you’ll enjoy the whole pre-wedding process a lot more. It’s supposed to be a happy and exciting time after all. So how do you chillax?

Sarah x

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  • For me exercise is the ultimate stress buster and relaxer. I feel so content once I’ve worked out and showered. Afterwards all I want to do is go home and curl up x

    3 years ago : Dee
  • You know what, if wedding stress is getting you down, you may want to hide away and have a good cry but what ever is stressing you out will still be there once the tears are dry. My advice is if something is causing you stress, you need to change it. something is wrong. make it right. then you’ve more chance of enjoying the run-up to your wedding and relaxing. Pour a glass of wine and settle back with a netflix binge! Stephanie

    4 years ago : Steph
  • For Christmas I asked for 6 books which I’m determined to read. So far I’m sticking to my resolution. It’s totalky relaxing just immersing yourself in someone else’s life. Just avoid the wedding going wrong novels!!!! Fi x

    4 years ago : Fiona
  • You want to relax? Get stuck into a box set. I’m doing The Good Wife and averaging 3 hours of me-time a night. Don xx

    4 years ago : Dbaxter
  • Watching nail varnish puddles??? Sounds like the mess I make when I’m painting my own nails – and that’s not calming! Ha! Great post. God knows, I NEED to relax!!!!
    I was thinking Gin……xxx

    5 years ago : Faye
  • This is such a good post. I love some of the reader tips. I totally agree with lighting a candle and snuggling up with a box set. Any suggestions? We’ve finished House of Cards, Designated Survivor, Suits and Bloodline. What’s next….?

    5 years ago : Bernadette
  • I have a lavender rollerball which I use on aeroplanes, in strange hotels and when life is getting on top of me. It feels amazing if I can persuade my fiancé to rub it into my temples……. Josie xx

    5 years ago : Josephine
  • Exercise does it for me. I’m rubbish at sitting around. So whether it’s yoga, running, swimming or zumba, I move to bust my wedmin stresses. Cecily xx

    5 years ago : Ce Ce
  • Go outside! Whether it’s rain or shine, if I need some time out, I go out. It clears my mind and helps me see logical solutions to major problems (like chicken or fish as a main for instance…) Mags x

    5 years ago : Maggie
  • I love to rub my feet over golf balls, have my hair played with and eat chocolate when I’m stressed.

    5 years ago : sherbertpip
  • This tips sound great. I really need a bit more R&R in my life at the moment

    5 years ago : dollydaydream
  • Aromatherapy Associates make amazing products. I can vouch for Relax too. It’s incredible. I love the way the bathroom smells for days after using it. xx

    5 years ago : beautygirl
  • I need to relax. If only my other half didn’t have a foot phobia! I mean, my feet are actually really nice. It’s just that since he was a boy, he’s never been able to touch even his own feet!!!! Back to the bath and book for me…….. 🙁 xx

    5 years ago : fruityfee