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An anxious Bride-To-Be’s Get-Fit-Quick Guide

Don’t panic! Read on to see how you can still get in shape, even if you’re a month away from The Big Day.



So, not only have you a wedding date on the horizon, there’s the honeymoon to get ready for too. How much more motivation to shift a few unwanted pounds do you need..? Today, I’ve teamed up with Callum Melly, one of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers to offer up some easy-but-effective exercises that’ll burn fat and help you shape up for your Big day. Over to Callum….

‘Try to complete this circuit every morning before breakfast and in the evening. Perform 15-20 repetitions of each exercise, taking a 30 second rest before starting the next one. Start with one circuit but aim to quickly build up to three.’

‘I mention the Brace Position a lot. This is the most stable position you can be in whilst standing, sitting or laying down to maintain a neutral spine. By applying the brace position to all the exercises, you’ll reduce the risk of injury and work your muscles harder whilst maintaining correct posture. To get it right, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Tense your bum and your abs as you squeeze your shoulders back. Keep your chest up high and your head straight. Great. Now for the exercises. There are four in total.’

1 Alternating Lunge (on the spot)
Starting in the brace position, lunge forward and plant your foot in a heel to toe motion. Lower your front knee until it’s one inch above the floor and at a 90 degree angle to your foot. While maintaining the brace position, drive off your front leg back to the standing position then switch legs.


2 Bodyweight Press-Up
Laying down, place your hands below your bust-line and push your feet behind so you’re in the plank press-up position. Maintain that brace position as you lower yourself to the floor before pushing back up into the starting position. Too hard? Keep your knees on the floor.


3 Jump Squats
Starting from the brace position, push your hips back and bend your knees, lowering down to 90 degrees. Let your arms go behind so you’re ready to thrust them up and forward as you jump. Keep your knees soft and your weight over your heels as you spring up into the air in a heel to toe motion. Land softly back down to the 90 degree squat position ready to jump again.


4 Alternating Dead Bugs
Lay on the floor, in the brace position with your knees tucked up to a 90 degree angle. Keep your core engaged and back flat on the floor as you slowly extend your right leg out. Gently tap your heel on the floor before returning to the 90 degree angle. Switch legs.



So what do you think? I’ve been feeling a bit gymphobic lately so these ‘at-home’ exercises really work for me. Plus I love that the morning set is done before I even step into the shower. I won’t lie, the evening sesh is proving harder to keep up but I’m three weeks away from my bikini so I’m really trying to do the best I can.

Callum is set to launch BodyIn8, an inspiring 8-week exercise, nutrition, support and lifestyle programme. Register on to see what it’s all about…

And let me know how you’re going with this quick-fit plan below.

Sarah x


Main image courtesy of David’s Bridal. Will you ‘look’ at her figure…..?!?!

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  • Anxious? How did you guess? I’ve never felt so pressured (but so un motivated ) to except use and lose poundage before!!!

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    5 years ago : Zrogers
  • Aaaaah! Is it normal for your diet to go south two weeks before the wedding? I’m eating anything and everything I can find after being so good for so long. I need these exercises – as well as a lock on my fridge! Abby x

    5 years ago : Abster
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  • Is Callum sexy? I’m going in…(to his website)😘

    5 years ago : Foxyfee
  • This is great – very do-able (if that’s a word) I’ve printed n stuck on my fridge🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

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