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A black wedding dress? Hell yeah!

How much do you love an LBD? That’s a Long Black Dress. Surely I’m not alone in feeling more streamlined and confident in black?

mywonybridal calypso nightfall gown etsy

I’ve been to a few weddings where the lucky bridesmaids scored strappy black maxi dresses. Not a pastel in sight plus they’d been bought a dress they’d actually want to wear again. hayley-paige-red-carpet-bridal-fall-2017-style-lumiere_6

My own bridesmaids were really little and didn’t share my love of the LBD though I have since spotted some pretty black flower girl dresses online…. Still, talking of my own wedding, it didn’t occur to me to mind that some guests wore black. Whilst certain elder family members tut-tutted about it afterwards, surely no one associates black with funerals or protesting against the marriage anymore do they? Didn’t the line-up of gorgeously black-clad A-list ladies at The Golden Globes prove that wearing black could be a sign of celebration? hayley-paige-red-carpet-bridal-fall-2017-style-zsa-zsa_3 hayley paige Denver_Front
To me, a black gown is chic, timeless and makes me feel a-mazing so what’s wrong with slipping into a black wedding dress? Absolutely nothing in my (little black) book. Isn’t it better to fork out on an expensive dress that you’ll actually wear again? Another bonus is that you can go bolder with your make-up. A flick of black eyeliner teamed with claret coloured lips.  The most sophisticated (and photographable) look of all time. A match made in make-up heaven!

vera wang jessica
If you’re tempted towards the dark side, scroll down through my pick of frocks from Vera Wang, Hayley Paige, Pronovias and Etsy. Which ones take your fancy? I’ve also put together a Pinterest board with loads more. I’d love to know what you think.

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Sarah x

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  • Did u see that Christine from selling sunset wire a black wedding dress. Total statement. A real WOW bride. You’d need her bags of confidence to pull it off

    2 years ago : aisha
  • I imagine lockdown makes a lot of brides fancy black!!

    2 years ago : Jules
  • I’m not sure…… I worry that people would think me a reluctant bride. I do like bridesmaids in black though and love the slimline dress with bejewelled neck above.

    2 years ago : Flo
  • It’s money well spent in my little white book. You get a wedding dress you can actually wear again. I think that once the flowers are there (maybe not a veil) you’ll definitely look like the bride. It could be really stunning – if the groom and his ushers are in black morning suits and your MOH in a shorter black dress. I’m definitely pondering……

    2 years ago : Fi
  • I love the idea of a black gown but worry I won’t fwel like the bride! Will people think I’m miserable?

    4 years ago : Bettue
  • This proves that you don’t have to be a goth to wear black. I’m having bridesmaids in black satin maxi dresses (they don’t know yet but will love me for it) and am now thinking how nice it would be to wear a black and white wedding dress. I love the top one on your post. Hattie

    4 years ago : Hattie
  • why the hell not! I wore fuchsia as I hate white on me. I love brides that make a statement

    4 years ago : Maddy
  • I would absolutely love to walk down the aisle in that Etsy gown. It’s quite Wuthering Heights which is a look I adore. I’d go for long wavy hair and a deep red lip stick. Anna xx

    4 years ago : Anna
  • A black gown would be perfect for me. I’m in my 50s and it’ll be my 2nd wedding. We’re going low key so I’m now thinking a black suit – skirt or trousers – will look elegant and as you say nice in pictures and timeless. Joanie x

    4 years ago : Jckark
  • Oh wow! I’ve never heard of Hayley Paige before but these gowns are gorgeous. I could so wear it to a black tie event afterwards. An investment!!! Marnie x

    4 years ago : Marnie
  • If I can have that Vera Wang frock then Hell Yeah indeedie!!! Totally love this post – so inspiring after the golden globes x

    4 years ago : Joanna