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Realine Beauty Frown Line Patches


So here’s where I share my favourite couldn’t-get-spliced-without-them products. Today it’s the turn of Realine Beauty Frown Line Patches. Here’s why I love them….

Now for some brides-to-be, a shot of botox between the eyes will be a non-negotiable pre-nuptial requisite. But I didn’t fancy a face that resembled a smooth shiny bowling ball for my own Big Day. Plus I definitely didn’t want to walk down the aisle to whispers of ‘oh look, she’s had some work done.’ *shudders*

It was while I was working as Beauty Editor on a bridal magazine that a box of these hypoallergenic patches first fell out of a jiffy bag onto my desk. I’d seen the like before – gimmicks making big promises that didn’t deliver. Still, ever hopeful that a needle-free alternative to botox would appear before my wedding I decided to give them a go. What was the worse that could happen anyway? Well quite literally, absolutely nothing….!

But something did happen. Here’s how they work: before hitting the duvet you stick one of the see-through diamond-shaped plasters smack between the eyes (well, centre of your forehead.) Btw, because it’s see-through your fiancé probably won’t even spot it – mine never did. Overnight it will harden but OMG when you peel if off in the morning your forehead, if not furrow-free, will look a lot smoother. But without that botoxed-up-past-the -eyeballs look. It’s apparently because the sticky patch forces your muscles to relax. Sadly the results won’t last forever. By the end of the day you’re pretty much back to au naturel, lines ’n’ all, but for a massive confidence boost in the morning and more importantly to ace that ‘WOW’ moment when everyone sees you as a bride for the first time, I think these patches work miracles!

I’d definitely rather spend £28 on a box of 30 Realine Beauty Frown Line Patches then drop hundreds on botox any wedding day of the week. They get two thumbs up from me. But I’d love to know what do you think?


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  • I’m a total needle phobe so these sound really good. and affordable too. thanks

    3 years ago : helga
  • In an age where it seems that everyone is having work done, I almost feel as if I have to get on board the botox bandwagon too. Thing is, I hate the idea of putting something that’s not supposed to be there into my skin – and let’s not even think about where botox is supposed to come from. I’ve tried so-called botox in a bottle creams before and honestly, they felt nice but did little to make me look ‘done.’ I’ve looked at other reviews of these patches too and across the board they get good reviews. So with fingers tightly crossed, I’m getting a box. Please god they work!

    4 years ago : bella
  • I’m toying with the idea of the thread lift. Anyone had it done? Gina x

    5 years ago : G
  • Could there be a Cinderella moment? When the clock strikes midnight, your wrinkles start to reappear! Quick! Run!😁😁😁Georgia G

    5 years ago : Ggregory
  • Great review. They sound a lifesaver! Zara x

    5 years ago : Z
  • LOVING the sound of these patches! Xx

    5 years ago : Sula
  • I absolutely agree! I used a rival brand and noticed zilch. These r soooooo good. I recommend to friends all the time. Jacks xx

    5 years ago : Jackie4
  • This review is really convincing. I’ve ordered 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Dee x

    5 years ago : Dee