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Bride vs Groom: who will win the battle of the ….

Hi everyone

Well, this made me chuckle…. Forget all the love-dovey excitement, it seems that where wedding planning is concerned, it’s WAR!

Gift-giving website have surveyed lots of about-to-be Mr & Mrs’ and found lots of clashing ideas going on where certain aspects of the wedding-planning whirlwind is concerned.

Now my fiancee and I quickly discovered that our priorities were definitely not the same. His? A free bar. Mine? A WOW dress. It isn’t making sticking to budgets for either of us very easy.*

It’s nice to see that other couples are in the same loveboat as us too. Take Big Day Prep. I’ve upped the bridal body ante and (deep breath) joined a gym. I go to it too, rather than just admire my membership card from the comfort of my sofa. I’ve also booked in my hair colour appointments, trials, mani and pedi well in advance. Him? He’s just planning to get his hair cut on W-morn (let’s hope he can get an appointment – he hasn’t thought to book it so far.) As far as the Hen & Stag do are concerned, well I’m having a “Madonna” themed day/evening out with my girls and gorgeous guys (aka Nige, Al & James.) There will be cocktails, lots of shrieking and a lovely tune. He’s hitting poor Spain for five days with 19 blokes. Yikes! And about the Big Day get-up, whilst I’ve found a dreamy (budget-busting) crystal-encrusted frock, he’s “just gonna rent a whistle.”


But really, wouldn’t it be dull if you and your fiancee agreed on everything? A little celebratory planning conflict is fun ….. Didn’t Pat Benetar once say (am showing my age here!) Love is a Battlefield…?




* Well, the budget was unrealistic. And he expected the frock, the shoes and the five bridesmaids outfits to be included too. It had to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it a little. No harm done….

What are you spa-ing about? Maybe it’s your hen chic-end to the spa versus his stag jaunt to the Spanish bars. Go on, share below


  • Never have I read a truer word… Take our hen and stag do’s. Him: fancy dress with 30 blokes to Butlins. Me: 10 of only my best girlfriends for a glorious weekend in Valencia…. And his will probably end up costing way more!

    3 months ago : Suzanne
  • Well I think ‘discussions’ make for a healthy relationship. That’s what me n my boyf reckon anyway

    6 years ago : Lisa f
    • Great minds Lisa F x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • I think that my intended and I must be odd. We haven’t disagreed about anything yet, unless you count what to choose for the buffet. He wants a hog roast and I’d be happy with bacon sarnies. Btw: he hadn’t got a clue what my bridal ensemble is costing. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him

    6 years ago : Natalie vasquez
    • A hog comes with a hefty price tag that’s for sure. So does a frock tho eh Natalie….? Loving your work lady x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • Oh…. So is ten out of twelve bad? It’s just one day right? We are still compatible? At least we agree on the honeymoon destination and the present opening (we’re waiting til after the honeymoon.)

    6 years ago : Discomad