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6 reasons why oil should be part of your pre-wedding beauty regime…

(Ad: this is not a paid for or sponsored ad. Products featured are press samples or personal purchases)Walking down the aisle is your red-carpet moment; the one when you want to look – and feel – your absolute best. If you want your hair to look effortless and touchable, your skin to glow and your body the perfect shade of sun-kissed and smooth in all the right places, opt for oil-infused products. This comes from a former oil-phobe who has become a firm oil fan. Here’s why…

1. They give my skin a shot of radiance
I’ve loved and lavished oils on my hair and body for years, however, the thought of using one on my face was, for ages, enough to send me to breakout city. Oil? On my already oily complexion? Wouldn’t using an oil make my oily bits worse? Fast forward many discussions with dermatologists who reminded me that what comes naturally across my T-zone is actually sebum, I’m happy to report that using oil on my face has actually been a breakthrough in scoring the skin I want. I’m talking more plumped, less liney and with a gorgeous dewy glow. My mini mountain of facial blotters is near non-existent since I’ve started using Angela Langford’s Bloom & Glow Face Oil, £20.50 as the oil laps up lots of the sebum. This luxurious little bottle of orange oil is spiked with goodies like Sea Buckthorn, omega 3, vitamin E and chamomile to hydrate, heal, calm and stimulate cell turnover. It’s so light you barely know it’s there, except that it feels a dream to apply and because it’s lipophilic (that’s fat loving) absorbs easily. Sometimes I mix a drop with my night cream but often in the morning, I pat it neat onto cleansed and serum’d skin then layer spf on top. Whilst I‘m lucky that my skin generally behaves itself, I do love how it looks brighter (and people comment that I look more awake!) Who wouldn’t want to look fresher and more radiant on their wedding day? 

2. They sort out my body flaws
Scars, stretch marks and even cellulite; a daily dose of body oil can really improve those “un-bare-able” body flaws. Like millions of B2Bs before me, I love Bio-Oil, £8.50 and have been doing target practice with it twice daily on a fresh scar. Even Mr BBE was surprised at how much it had faded. For me, it’s body confidence, bottled. But my love of a body oil goes way further. Dove Nourishing Care In Shower Argan Oil, £4.99 is a delight to use. It doubles up nicely as a shaving oil and leaves my skin sumptuously soft. I’m happy to report no dangerous slip potential on the shower floor either! My latest find is Re-Gen Continuous Spray, £5.45. Maybe I’ve become really lazy because I love how it sprays from any angle – even upside down – and requires the bare minimum of rubbing in. It’s packed full of essential oils and sinks in straight away so there’s no slurp to dry before you can get dressed. Mist it over any areas on show in your wedding dress as it’ll give your skin a gorgeous sheen.

3. They give my skin a golden glow

Sun-kissed, not satsuma is the golden rule where fake tanning is concerned. What I like about using a self-tan oil is just how much easier it is to score seamless colour than a traditional cream. If you’re using an oil spray, you might want to encase yourself it in the shower so as not to risk staining the walls. I’ve become a dab hand with a mitt and a drop of Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil Self Tan SPF50, £32. I like that you can build up the colour until you achieve the depth of tan you want and there’s little risk of streaking bony areas like your heels, ankles and elbows as what’s soaked into the mitt is plenty. I’m drawn like a magpie to oils when I’m beach-bound too. Again, probably because they require less arm-ache to rub in, but also because they feel really nice on hot skin, especially if you use a spray version like Calypso Dry Oil SPF30, £5.49 or Vichy Ideal Soleil Dry Oil Spray SPF50, £11.55. Spray and lay…

4. They de-flatten and soften my hair 
Hands up who else was a fan of VO5 hot oils? What I appreciated was how they didn’t leave my oh-so-fine hair looking like a grease ball, just a softer, shinier, more easier to comb version of it’s former straw-like self. It’s a shame they seem to have been discontinued. Still, ever since Moroccanoil, £13.45 burst onto our beauty counters, I’ve praised it for its ability to boost my otherwise flat blow-dry whilst enhancing shine, softness and manageability. With my quest for volume always at the front of my mind, sitting pretty in my bathroom at the mo is OGX’s Argan Oil of Morocco’s Shampoo and Conditioner combo, £6.99 each. I’m happy to report not-flat-as-a-pancake hair that feels strokably soft. Another tick for wedding hair eh?

5. They improve my mani
Flaunting a shiny new wedding ring means that your manicure will be on show (and in close-up on instagram too for that matter.) For a few months before my wedding, I got into the habit of applying cuticle serum laced with oil every night. I’m a nibbler (especially when I’m stressed. Did someone say wedmin?) so needed all the help I could get to make my mitts up to public scrutiny. To stop them looking both sore and untidy,  I relied on Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum, £12. (One bottle lasts for absolutely ages and the outer design has changed, hence I’m showing just the brush and my nails.) Anyway, it packs in a double whammy of Emu Oil and Tea Tree Oil that on top of caring for my cuticles, made a real difference on smoothing out the ridges that my nibbling had caused. Apart from that, I treated myself to a pro gel mani every two weeks as I found that if I loved the look of my nails I didn’t want to scupper them with my nibbling. It was a bad habit that was hard to break but worth it.  

6. They feel really good
What does every over-stressed B2B deserve? A long, relaxing massage, made all the more special if your H2B has warm hands and a bottle of massage oil. Need I say more? It’s expensive but Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Massage & Body Oil, £39.10 is worth dipping into your wedding budget. Amongst other goodies, it contains soothing lavender. Take it from me, this one smells as good as it feels. Over the years I’ve got through literally vats of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Nourishing Oil Spray, £21.33. Although it’s role call of benefits includes quenching thirsty skin and nourishing dry hair, my favourite way to use it has always been as a massage oil. It’s divine subtly spicy scent lingers, as does the most gorgeous glow over your skin.

Do you have any oil-infused products you swear by? Please tell me in the comments below

Sarah x

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  • I always thought oil meant even more spots as I had a really greasy t-zone. A friend booked me a facial which used oils. they felt wonderful and left my skin glowing. the facialist explained how they wouldn’t clog my pores and I’m a convert. My favourite is Elemis Superfood face oil

    10 months ago : jocelyn
  • I’m intrigued to try all of your recommendations!

    3 years ago : Hattie
  • I singed my hair and it breaks my heart. The only thing that makes it look smooth is oil. Just a teensy bit rubbed between ng palms. It makes a massive difference

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • Since opting for spf oils on holiday I’m a convert. They’re just so easy to use and I’m certain you see results faster. I’ll def be investing in a skin oil now. Romilly x

    4 years ago : Rom
  • If I could get my skin to look like your brides I will sleep in a bath of oil every night! Frankie

    4 years ago : Franki
  • Yep, once you use oil hair products, whatever you use won’t seem as good. I’ve not used ogx but I’ll look them out. Good post and great suggestions xx

    4 years ago : Di
  • Bigging up bio oil too! My mum used it on me since I was little and I’ve used it ever since. It softens, it heals and it gives a nice non greasy glow to my skin. It’s often on offer too so bargainous! Xx

    4 years ago : Crazylady
  • Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

    4 years ago : Dissent