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5 ways to take your make-up from the “I Do” to the dance floor

The ceremony, the wedding breakfast and then the party. It’s no surprise if after all that your make-up’s gone AWOL. But you’re still the face of the wedding so here are a few hacks to amp up your look until the disco lights are finally switched off. Make way for my top five:

1. Do some trouble spotting
Take advantage of the harsh strip lighting in the Ladies loo to re-disguise any pimples, any redness around your nose and un-photogenic under-eye shadows. Use your fingers to blend on a mess-free creamy concealer crayon like Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil, £24 then set it in place with pressed powder.

2. Slug it out
Your brows were shaped to perfection pre W-day so all you need to do now is take them to the WOW level courtesy of tinted gel brushed in short natural-looking hair-like strokes. With four shades to choose from, as well as clear, give Urban Decay Brow Tamer Gel, £16 a go.  

3. Make sure you’re smokin’
Never underestimate the power of a sultry smoky eye. Keeping your make-up stash to a minimum, use a dark brown pencil with a built-in smudging brush like Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Intense Clove, £17  It’s really soft and easily blendable before setting in place. Line along your upper lashes then blend it up and out using the smudge brush. Keep topping up mini strokes of kohl and keep smudging until you get a look you love.

4. Up your batting average
It’s the only place a girl wants to put weight on, right? With falsies far too much of a faff, make do by stroking another coat of black mascara onto curled lashes. Choose one that’ll really make an impact like Benefit’s BADgal Bang! Volumising Mascara in a dinky purse-friendly size, £11. Clean the brush on tissue then whizz it through again to de-clump.

5. Get your glow on
Your cheeks are probably glowing a pretty pink tint thanks to the excitement (and champagne) so resist the urge to pile on any more pink otherwise your guests will think you’ve been too close to the candles. Blend a shimmery bronzing stick in a number three shape around your temples, across your cheeks and along your jawline for a sunny flush of colour. You really can’t go wrong with Benefit’s Bride’s Hoola, £26. A muted mouth keeps the attention up at eye level plus it’s lower maintenance in terms of kissing and drinking. Keep them sexy with a simple stain of barely-there beige. Try Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm in Rosewood, £26 for lips that look like yours, only better.

There are so many more fun things to care about on your wedding day than the state of your make-up. I hope these tricks will give your look a low maintenance lift for the evening. 

Sarah x

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  • Her makeup is beautiful. I’ve pinned it to show my makeup artist. 🙂

    2 years ago : bella
  • PRIMER IS A MUST if you want your makeup to last. i’ve been using one from … primark (I know) but it’s really good. And god knows I’m testing it hard. I’m off on my hen weekend to ibiza and it’s coming too!

    3 years ago : iris
  • Now that the weather’s changing, how my makeup lasts all day has been on my mind. thanks for the tips. great site x

    3 years ago : jules
  • My make-up – or rather how it’ll last the 12 hours – is really concerning me. I don’t want to carry a big bag of slap, plus I know I won’t want to keep nipping to the loo for touch ups. I needed this – ways to just touch it up and change it up a bit once. looks gorge too x

    3 years ago : marsha
  • Smoky eyes are a must I think. I’d feel naked without them. I love the combo of virginal white gown with slutty black eyes. Add in red lips and it’s “hawt”

    3 years ago : brionie
  • These eyes really are smokin hot! They also look fairly easy to pull off. Not loads of colours just more of a blanket. The models makeup is stunning. Not that I’ll look anything like her being short, blonde and with blue eyes. Ajax x

    3 years ago : Jax
  • This post has made me rethink the makeup I take with me on my wedding day. You’re right – I won’t want to shut myself away for a full reapplication. I’m rubbish at that at the best of times. I like the idea of pencils too – I didn’t know you could buy a concealer pencil. No faff, no mess, no brushes. I reckon a few clever pencils, blotting paper as I’m really shiny and a hairbrush should do it! Connie xxx

    3 years ago : Connie