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5 steps to perfect lips… that last


Drooling over a Hayley Paige dress is perfectly acceptable, but loading your lips with so much gloss they dribble like a Saint Bernard puppy is not. Luckily, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, pout perfection is as easy as…

1. Smoothing them

Your lips are lacking in sweat glands so they’re prone to drying out. No lipstick will look good, or lips kissable if the skin looks chapped so smooth them by gently rubbing with a flannel or treat yourself to a more make-up bag-friendly H&M Clean Canvas Lip Scrub, £6.99


2. Plumping them

Lip masks are a relatively new beauty phenomenon, at least in my bathroom, but I’m loving them. I’ve been sticking on Beauty BLVD’s Divine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask, £7.50. I’m a sucker for the brand who brought Glitter Lips into my life anyway and am pleased to report that their lip mask gets a ‘thank you’ kiss from me too. Just stick it on, don’t speak to anyone for about twenty minutes then peel it off for a seriously smooth, puffed up pout. You’ll definitely notice the difference if you favour matte lipsticks.


3. Lining them

I always use a lipliner which matches my lip colour as closely as possible. It’ll define your lip shape, sharpen up your bow and should the colour wear off, leave behind a stain of colour so you don’t look ‘naked.’ Lipliners can be like Goldilocks bouncing on The Three Bears’ beds: too hard, too soft or in Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil’s case, just right. It doesn’t drag as it’s applied or leave my lips feeling dry. Plus it comes in tons of shades so you’re bound to find a match.


4. Painting them

Every make-up artist I’ve ever watched applies lipstick in the same way: in light layers with a brush, starting in one corner and working towards the centre. They often grab the liner again just to sharpen up the bow, press on tissue then add another coat. It’s the best way to guard against getting lipstick on your teeth or losing it completely. I like Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer, £17 because the built-in primer helps it go on smoothly and last as long as possible. My fave pucker-upper shade is Blush Pop, a really flattering dusky pink.


5. Glossing them

Here’s where subtlety is key. As I mentioned at the top, lips dripping with gloss are just a mess waiting to happen. If you like the feel of gloss, just dab a tiny dot in the centre of your lower lip then press your lips together. Go for a clear one like Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss! in Crystal Clear, £5.49



So with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, what’s your favourite way to get kissable lips?

Sarah x

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  • Totally agree with lots of fine layers over one thick one for maximum staying power. But still no snogging…

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • I’m trying and testing your tips. You’re right about keeping the layers thin otherwise you eat your lipstick. I’m not bravevenough to try it with a burgundy colour tho… nude is best x

    4 years ago : Romilly
  • I’m seriously thinking of having my liplne tattooed. It’s really uneven and I think it would help. I see offers on Groupon but would rather go to a recommendation. Has anyone done it? Ellen xx

    4 years ago : Ellen
  • lips are my thing. i love when poeple comment about how i always wear lipstick. if only i could find one that really, truly lasts. any suggesteions?x

    4 years ago : Lucy
  • I bought a complete lipstick set from primark. A buffer, mask, lipstick, liner and gloss. My lips feel nice and look nice. So the colour doesn’t last but it came in at £8! Bargain! X

    4 years ago : Geri
  • Avon have just launched a lipstick with a built in primer. It’s less than half the price if Clinique, you don’t get a hard sell to buy anything else and there are lots of nice colours to choose from

    4 years ago : Mandy
  • I really suffer from flaky lips and cold sores (which is why I originally found your website – thanks for the advice btw) I have full lips which I’d like to be the focus on my wedding day (as opposed to eyes or brows) so thanks for the post. I’m definitely going to indulge in a lip mask. I’d seen them advertised and wondered if they were any good. Brooke

    4 years ago : Brooke
  • The lip scrub is cheap – and it looks nice – but I just use a dry flannel. That said, I think I’m gonna upgrade to something more pretty! x

    4 years ago : Aisha