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5 reasons to … try a fringe

Hey ladies. Good news for brides with wrinkles – fringes are cool. Just look at Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson, Suki Waterhouse and Taylor Swift who are all devotees of a seductive snip. As a die-hard fringe fan myself, I started to think about why my own wedding do’ will definitely be going with a ‘bang’…


1 Because fringes suit everyone! Okay, so if you’ve got a difficult cows lick or widow’s peak at the front of your hairline your stylist may advise against the chop. But generally speaking, so long as you choose a style that suits your face shape, there’s a flattering fringe for everyone. Blunt-cut ones look great with long face shapes, short choppy ones look best against round faces and if it’s oval, I reckon the most wedding photo-friendly ones are swept-to-one-side or peek-a-boo styles.

2 Because fringes are a great way to revamp your look. Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend doing it just before the wedding in case you regret it – or your fiance wonders who that is on the approach down the aisle hiding behind the hair. A good four months to go is best to give you time to grow it out if you do have a change of heart. If you’re nervous, ask for a thin peek-a-boo style first, then if you like the result, go shorter. And if you don’t like it, it can be blended back into your style.

3 Because there are commitment-free ways to see if you really like it before going for the chop. For instance, if you’ve got long hair, try pulling the back up into a high ponytail leaving some side sections free then flicking it over your head and arranging the tips across your forehead. Rita Ora does the ‘now I’ve got a fringe, now I don’t’ thing a lot using this technique. Or go one better and do a Kardashian by fixing on a fake fringe. Hershesons do them for £30. I’ve seen them in action. They’re totally convincing.

4 Because they look great with a veil. Just make sure you’re totally happy with the length as your veil may push it down. Take your veil along to your final trim appointment just to be sure.

5 Because how often can you get free hair cuts? Most salons will offer a free fringe trim just before your big day. Score!
Fringes are not completely low maintenance though, I must admit. Come the big day, if you start to feel hot or emotional your fringe can end up splitting or sticking to your forehead. Time for your MOH to sweep in ninga-stylee and perfect it before any photo opps. I never travel anywhere without non-powdered facial blotters to mop up fringe-sabotaging shine. And if you’re able to nip to the bathroom, a quick mist of dry shampoo and a round brush whilst positioning yourself under the hand dryer should bring it back to life. Who said being a bride was all glam?
So what do you think? Fancy going for the chop? It’s an easy way to update your look – or, in my case to save splurging on botox! (But don’t tell anyone I said that….!)
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  • Yay! Someone at last speaking my language. I have had a fringe every day of my life since I was in nursery school. I like my fringe. My fiancé likes my fringe. And even though my hairdresser (and my mum) are trying to talk me into growing it out, I’ve decided – I’m gonna book a trim. Thanks BBE

    6 years ago : jenna