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5 of the best… hairsprays for brides

(plus hacks to make your hairspray work even harder on your wedding day)

I thought I relied on hairspray as much as the next bride-to-be until I read about a woman in America resorting to Gorilla Glue in a desperate attempt to prevent her hairstyle from falling flat! Fast forward to surgery a month later and her ponytail finally unfroze…

Whilst thankfully it would never occur to me to go that far, I do believe that hairspray is the ultimate big day style essential. Without it, my updo would be a total flop, my waves would fall flat within minutes and my fine flyaways would have a life of their own. But it turns out that many brides swerve the spray for fear of it leaving their hair stiff, crispy and totally untouchable.

The beauty of modern hairsprays is that it’s easy to find one that suits both your hair type and your bridal hair look. Whilst I always opt for unfloppable hold, if you prefer a lighter, more flexible mist that allows you to continue to tweak your style, you’re in luck.  Plus many come with added extras: they help fight humidity, protect against pollutants, boost volume or add shine. 

If you don’t want to fall flat on your big day,  here are my top five style spritzes:

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Diamond Hold Hairspray, £7.51
Love the fragrance, love the packaging and love, love, love the fact that it offers finger-friendly hold. Add root-boosting weightlessness, a hit of shine and a brushable, layerable formula and it’s the perfect finishing touch to your big day do.

L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Extra Strong Hairspray, £10.40
Yes, I know it’s another L’Oreal spray but if like me, you crave day-long volume and hold, this one’s for you. I don’t suffer with sudden attacks of frizz but if you do, this spray packs in an anti-humidity action which won’t leave your hair feeling heavy or stiff.

Fudge Professional Skyscraper Light/Medium Hold Hairspray, £8
I remember attending a hair event where the (famous) stylist had been reworking the model’s hair all day. Armed with this spray, he was styling, spritzing, brushing it out and going again. The model’s hair remained gleaming the whole time.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray, £4.49
If only that American lady had reached for this kind of glue. Under a layer of this spray, your hair won’t budge…. until you want it to. And when you do, have no fear of white flakes. Make this your must-have for setting an updo in place – the look you leave for the altar with is the one you’ll have long after the last dance.

Tresemme Flexible Hold Hairspray, £5.99
24hr control against frizz and flyaways plus workable, brushable hold. The perfect choice for a down do – waves will stay in place plus your hair will look vibrant with boosted volume and shine.

So now you’ve got my picks, here come my tips…. on getting the most out of your hairspray:
1.Make sure the nozzle isn’t gummed up otherwise it will come out in spurts rather than a fine spray (or worse still, n
ot come out at all.)
2.Always hold the can at least six inches away from your style so you don’t risk saturating it with product which could leave it leaving it looking hard or (shudders) greasy
3. For maximum fullness, flip your hair upside down and mist all over before straightening up.
4. Stop kirby grips or bridal slides from slipping by coating them with hairspray. Whilst they’re still tacky, push them into your hair for more hold.
5. Some hairsprays can be used to prep the hair before you style, offering heat protection as well as hold.
6. Smooth down pesky flyaways by spraying a tiny amount of hairspray onto a clean toothbrush.
7. If a few coloured chalk strands are making their way into your wedding look (or anyone who may get close to you), cover them with a layer of hairspray to prevent any fall-out onto your white dress
8. Unruly eyebrows? Tame them courtesy of a hairspray-coated spoolie.
9. A light misting of hairspray will make floral hair accessories last longer and prevent the petals from wilting.
10. Wait until hairspray is completely dry before fixing on your veil. Don’t be tempted to spray once your veil is on in case it leaves behind a yellow residue.


So what do you spray? My trusty tin of hairspray was the most important styling product in my pre-wed kit.What’s your number one big day hair essential?

Sarah x

main image: Stella York 7445

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  • My hairdresser said exactly that hairspray can discolour the veil. I’m an Elnett girl too

    5 months ago : Clair
  • Your advice espececially about the veil and flowers are really useful. ThNks

    6 months ago : Anna
  • The tips – espececially about the veil and flowers are really useful. ThNks

    6 months ago : Anna
  • I use shockwaves hairspray – there’s no budge whatever the weather!!!

    6 months ago : Sarah
  • The models hair is on point. Exactly what I want – and I’ll need a whole can of Elnett to get it!! XamyX

    7 months ago : Amy
  • The tip about the flower hair accessories is brilliant. I use silvikrin firm hold. I like it because it does still allow my hair to move

    7 months ago : Carly