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5 easy ways to make your hair look thicker

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You know what, for an instant fuller hair fix you could fly straight down the extensions route. I didn’t want to do that for my wedding. Instead, I wanted to supersize it with products and styling tricks. It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got. Things like….

 1.  Cutting it

Split ends can make your hair look even thinner so it’s a good idea to book in for regular trims. Ask for some subtle layers which won’t compromise the overall length but will make your hair seem more full and ‘bouncy.’ Whatever happens, ensure you’re left with a blunt cut rather than a V shape which could leave fine hair looking like a rat’s tail. Ugh!

2.   Moussing up

I love a big dollop of styling mousse dropped in at the roots and raked through to the ends. I think it’s the best way to boost volume without causing any “dreaded lank.” Plus, if you have fine, fragile hair like me, styling sprays can tug at the roots plus dare I say it, look sticky or greasy if you don’t blow it out properly. Talking of which….

3.   Blowing right

I don’t own a straightening iron. With my fine hair, it really wouldn’t do me any favours. My kit comprises of simply a round brush, a hairdryer and a cluster of velcro rollers. I start by blow-drying against the direction of hair growth then grab the round brush to carry on, lifting it straight up in sections and create shape. The velcro rollers go in when it’s almost dry to set it BIG.

4.   Curling it

I’m a sucker for an up/down do like the bride at the top of this post. I reckon hairdresser Phil Smith bigged up her barnet using the prods and techniques I’ve already covered, but then wound chunky sections loosely around a curling wand for extra softness and shape. (Actually I checked, and he did. Plus, for extra bouff, he then pouffed in some dry shampoo before pulling back and fixing the front sides. Genius!) Absolutely gorgeous and total dream wedding hair in my little white book.

5.   Holding up

No finely follicle-d bride-to-be would leave the safety of her dressing room without a setting her hair under a cloud of hairspray. But it’s soft/firm hold you’re after. Huh? Well, you want your style to stay in place, but you also want it to have maximum stroke-ability. A dose of shine is nice too. I get my firming fix from Phil Smith’s Coco-Licious Firm Hold Hairspray which is a bargainous £4.

What are your favourite ways to bring on the bouffant?

Sarah x

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  • No matter how carefully I blow dry – in sections with products and a round brush – within 30 mins it’s flat! I think I just need a pro on the day if I want to look half decent by the I Do

    3 years ago : Belle
  • This is my dream wedding hair. A little bouff on top with soft length around your shoulders. Add in a subtle tiara or some jewelled studs and it’d be perfect. Looks like I need to work on my blow drying skills! marsha

    3 years ago : Marsha
  • Yep, all this and a whole heap of backcombing!!!!! At my first trial, the hairdresser moussed me up, dried it, sprayed it wet again, moussed up again, dried and did it all again. I mean my hair was BIG by the end but I looked and felt like Princess Anne. I took it out as soon as I left the salon but with so much gunk in, I couldn’t get it to do anything. I ended up in a ponytail and tears…. and I didn’t book him for my wedding day 🙁

    4 years ago : Ellen
  • I wish I could Pin this pic – it’s exactly how I want to wear my hair. Why can’t I put it on Pinterest? Hayley x

    4 years ago : Hayley