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Diamante hair accessories to fall in love with


Hi there! So, today I’m talking about hair accessories. I wasn’t sure I’d want to wear any at first but then a friend pointed out that in close-up pictures that didn’t show the white dress, without any ‘head wear’ I wouldn’t look like a bride at all.

I’ve had loads of fun seeking out my dream accessory – though I warn you, it’s a diamante studded/pearl encrusted minefield out there. Check my Pinterest board for some inspo then click through this gallery to see if your match made in sparkly tiara/comb/clip heaven is there.

My Top Tips to consider when choosing your hair accessories

  1. Nail down your dress first. It’ll be a tough ask to find a dress to suit the accessory. You don’t want to risk over-blinging your bridal look if say, like me you opt for a sparkly frock.
  2. Does the metal suit your skin tone and the colour of your dress? I love, love, love gold hair accessories but against an ivory dress can look grubby. (*shudders)
  3. Check it from all angles. Once you’ve landed a hair look you love, snap it from all angles, just to make sure you’re 100% happy with your tiara/clip/comb/garland etc.
  4. Unless you’re a member of the Royal Ballet, if your heart is set on a high bun or a tightly pulled-back chignon, avoid tiaras that’ll make you look like you’ve just pirouetted in from Swan Lake. This is particularly important when thinking about any close-up photos.
  5. Less is more. I’m talking about general bridal bling here. Tiara, drop earrings, necklace… You don’t need to check off every box. If you want the focus up at hair level, go for simple studs and lose the neck wear altogether.
  6. Fresh flowers are always nice, particularly if you’re getting married abroad or in an outdoorsy setting. I’d go for a daisy chain or a single large hydrangea on top of a bun personally. Whatever blooms float your bridal boat, ask your florist to attach them to wire so they’re easy to wind in. Just remember not to blast them with hairspray or they’ll have wilted before you can say…. “I do.”
  7. So my Jenny Packham headband came with a silvery grey band which, at my trial took ages to hide within my dark hair. Before the wedding, I wrapped the band in embroidery thread by DMC that I colour matched to my hair in Hobbycraft. My hairdresser was very grateful on the day as I was running very late (natch…)


Click your way through the galleries I’ve compiled. Where is your heart taking you? Pearly? Floral? Gold? Or is the magpie in you drawn towards some beautiful bling? Let me know if you find something you love?


Sarah x

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  • Thank u! I’ve found my bridesmaids comb above. Hope she loves it (if not I’ll keep it for myself!) Bella xx

    5 years ago : Bella
  • Hair extensions! That’s how my combs are staying in. I had some colour matched to my hair, even though i’m wearing it up. It gives my style more ‘guts’ and keeps the combs (which I agree are quite heavy) in place

    6 years ago : passionateperry
    • Looks like Perry and Lilee have this little problemette covered. Thanks ladies x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • About the last comment, I found out that combs were too heavy for my fine hair. Really hard to hide the comb bit and felt really heavy, as if about to fall out. At least with a tiara it’ll stay put (at least until a dramatic dance move!)

    6 years ago : lilee
  • Thanks so much for this post – like you say, it’s a diamante mine-field out there. I’ve decided to stop physically looking in the shops and to buy online instead. Jon Richard’s range is huge – but it is easy to work out exactly what you like and don’t like. I’m worried that a diamante headpiece will make me look like i’ve stepped off stage at Swan Lake. Combs I think are my hair ‘heaven’

    6 years ago : gracie dee