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4 ways to prove you can get married … with a fringe

Brides with bangs (as they say across the pond.) Because a fringe doesn’t mean curtains for hot wedding style

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I love my fringe. And not just because it saves me a fortune on botox by hiding away my wrinkles! I’ve actually been a fringe fan forever. Over the years I’ve experimented with blunt ones, peekaboo ones, side swept ones and on on occasion (not my fave) a pixie cropped one. But I wouldn’t be without my faithful fringe – and I definitely wasn’t going to even consider growing it out before my wedding. Fringes do work for gorgeous wedding hair and here’s the proof:

1. Fringes suit (almost) everyone

I say almost because if you’re endowed with a difficult cows lick or widow’s peak at the front of your hairline, your fringe might become more high maintenance than you can handle. Go pro to find the style which will best suit your face shape. As a guide, short fringes suit a round face, blunt is best if you’ve a long face and if it’s oval, anything goes (but peek-a-boo is always pretty, especially for a wedding.)

2. Fringes are versatile

Whether you’re opting for an up do, boho waves, a swingy pony or a cute crop, a fringe will add overall softness to your look. They also work well with veils that sit right on your fringe parting – just make sure you’re happy with the length of your fringe as your veil may push it down. No veil? No problem. I went for a twinkly tiara though had my wedding happened in the summer, would have plumped for a flower crown. Both work so well with a fringe. I also love how Hermione Harbutt’s Flutter Headdress caught in one side of the bride’s hair looks with a heavy fringe. The possibilities are endless.

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3. Fringes accentuate your face

So they avert attention away from wrinkles – or a forehead you’re not overly fond of and they draw attention lower down, to lip level to be exact. What’s not to love? A blunt fringe, mascara’d black lashes and a full-on pout in red or fuchsia – beautiful!

4. Fringes go the distance

From the ‘I do’ to long after the last dance has finished. Okay so you may suffer a little splitting or sticking to your forehead. That’s nothing that a quick brush through and a once-over with a non-powdered NYX Cosmetics Fresh Face Blotting Paper, £5 can’t fix. Most importantly, you’ll look gorgeously ‘instaglam’in all the photos.

So, are you keeping your fringe – or even thinking about having one cut in for your wedding? If so, two things: 1. Don’t wait until just before W-day to get it cut in, you know, just in case you don’t totally love it (and wouldn’t your fiance rather see the regular you?) And 2.  It’s crucial not to go for a style that won’t suit you or one that’s so high fashion you’ll hate looking back at your pictures. If you fancy seeing how a fringe would suit you before going for the chop, Hershesons offer genius clip-in ones. I’ve seen them used on models – they’re dead easy to fix on and as long as you colour match it to your natural colour, no one will know you’re a fake. You can buy them for £30 from asos


I’d love to know if you’re a fringe fan like me? Or if you’re umming and ahhing about having one cut, what’s holding you back? Please share below

Sarah x


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  • I’m getting married in 4 months and hated the idea of a fringe for my wedding, but now it’s getting closer I think I want one! I don’t want to tell the Mr though and want to surprise him on the day. Awkward much?!

    5 years ago : Dannie
  • Darn! I just grew my fringe out. It’s taken 7 months to get past the wispy hair-fallen-out-by-lunchtime length. And I did it because my mother said “I couldn’t get married with my hair across my face”. I’m used to the new me now but I still miss my curtains. Denise x ps great website btw

    5 years ago : Denise
  • Wow – these Jenny oackham pix are awesome. I love the sleeves in the last one especially. This is the kind of bride I wanna be. Martina x

    5 years ago : Martina
  • Mel Giedroyc gives good fringe. I loved her Heidi plaits with long fri he at the final of Let it Shine. In fact the woman gives good up do generally. JJ x

    5 years ago : Jj
  • I fit right into the holding back category. I want a fringe but worry that my wedding isn’t the time to change my look.

    5 years ago : Matilda may
  • Gotta be Alexa – can’t imagine her without a fringe x

    5 years ago : Shelly
  • Taylor swift FCS

    5 years ago : Lisa
  • Winkleman!

    5 years ago : Connie
  • Who do you think gives good fringe? I vote Alexa Chung

    5 years ago : Leilana
  • blotting papers r always good – for sucking up shine and even wrapping chewing gum … v versatile

    5 years ago : Bella
  • Hi bbe – I found this post because whilst I’m not getting married I am thinking about a fringe. If I end up looking like the bride in your pic – very zoey deschannel – I’ll be ecstatic! Great tips btw

    5 years ago : Juicylucy