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Wedding jumpsuits? I do!

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If you still haven’t found your dream dress, could it be that you’re destined to get married in … a jumpsuit? After all, they’re chic, comfortable, easier to dance in plus you can wear it again and again. I’m a total sucker for jumpsuits and am head over heels in love with the idea of saying ‘I Do’ in one.

More and more bridal brands are offering up white jumpsuits but so too are places like ASOS, Anthropologie, Lela Rose and even Miss Selfridge. So that’s more money to spend on the accessories to dress it up – a jewel-encrusted bolero, some fabulous heels (and flats for later on because let’s face it, no one will notice) plus bling for your ears, wrists and hair. Result! On a more practical front, there’s no chance of chaffing, especially if you’re getting spliced somewhere sunny and less faff on trips to the loo. Okay, you’ll be stripping to your undies but at least you’re not trying to hold up six metres of tulle.

That said, any old white jumpsuit won’t do. For it to be truly flattering it needs to be the right material along with the perfect cut and fit. In my extensive jumpsuit research, I’ve come to realise that for formal occasions, cotton, viscose or chiffon is best. Jersey material is beyond a no. So too is anything too clingy. I prefer a wide-legged trouser but have noticed that a lot of bridal jumpsuits come with a smart crease down the front of a cigarette-slim leg. As far as necklines go, the choice is endless: strapless, halter neck, boat neck or even tuxedo style, you can have whatever your jumpsuit-loving heart desires. 

A couple of points about enhancing your silhouette: choose a jumpsuit that comes with a cinched-in or tie around the waist – it’ll stop you looking shorter or more shapeless than you are and most important of all, make sure the crotch is comfy. Not too tight and not too low-hanging.

The length of the trousers is key too. This is not the occasion for an elasticated ankle. Too long and you run the risk of tripping over (plus you’ll look sloppy around your foot area.) Take a pair of heels to slip on while you’re jumpsuit shopping to ensure you get the right length. Consider what kind of heels you’ll be wearing too. In my little white book, a thinner heel looks best.

My Pinterest board has lots of inspo but keep scrolling down for ten more bridal-beautiful jumpsuits. Some are from bona fide bridal designers and some are from the high street. Would you wear one?

Sarah x


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  • You do? So do I!

    2 years ago : bella
  • What I really love is that some of them you’d think were a traditional dress. You e got to have either a perfect figure or bags of confidence to carry off a tight fitting one

    2 years ago : .
  • I’m suddenly thinking trousers and bejewelled flats? Or no shoes at all (I’m getting married in Cyprus.) I’m investigating a strapless jumpsuit now….. Love this for inspo. Thank you so much BBE

    2 years ago : Mac
  • I’m beginning to think that the reason I feel so ‘not me’ in a wedding dress is because I’d actually prefer to wear a jumpsuit. But have I got the guts to go for it? I’m just not sure…. Don’t people expect a wedding ‘dress’?
    Fi x

    2 years ago : Fi
  • This post has inspired me. I never knew bridal designers made jumpsuits. The choice – in neckline, trouser shape and length, sleeves, capes etc is incredible. Definitely something to chew over. Great post.

    3 years ago : annabel
  • Hmmmm….. part of me thinks it’s the man who should be wearing the trousers on the wedding day. Absolutely fine for the honeymoon – or even a going away outfit. I just wouldn’t feel special walking down the aisle in trousers. Jaz.x

    3 years ago : Jaz
  • That Eliza Jane Howell jumpsuit is TO DIE FOR! Just saying….

    3 years ago : India
  • YES, YES, YES! I look (and feel) horrible in a dress. If I wore a jumpsuit I needn’t worry about being ‘so ladylike’ – I can get out of the car with ease, make shapes on the dance floor and go to the loo in comfort. Pippa x

    3 years ago : pippa