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Why it’s ok to include your pets in your wedding

 This post is not a paid for or sponsored pet wedding post

This post comes with a major cuteness warning. As the kind of b2b who desperately wanted to attach the wedding rings around my cat’s neck, I think making pets part of the ceremony is a purr-fect/roarsome/not barking mad idea (delete as appropriate.) 

Scroll through instagram, particularly @petsatweddings and you’ll see exactly what I mean. There’s no greater ‘aaah’ factor, no matter how cute your human page boys or flower girls look. These pictures will prove I’m right.

Okay, as the owner of a puss who unfortunately makes little accidents happen exactly where you don’t want them (my gold Chloe handbag/brother-in-law’s leather jacket/six dining chairs at once) I realise it’s not necessarily as straight-forward as simply choosing them a paw-some outfit. But you spend more time with and lavish more love upon your pet than you do most of your guests, so why not have them there even for just some of your special day? After all, wedding companies are starting to advertise their pet-friendly services. Here’s what I mean….

The venue
Some venues actually advertise themselves as welcoming pets at weddings. You can even find pet-friendly elopement packages too! Same goes for some catering companies. Adding some dog/cat/horse/bunny/goat/pig/lama/chicken treats isn’t a problem.

The outfits
How big is your budget because you can really go to town on your four-legged ring bearer. A suit? No problem. A bridesmaid dress to co-ord yours? Easy. A flower crown? Sweet. Tap the internet for loads of choice. I’ve lost literally days of my life scouring Etsy, The Posh Puppy Boutique and Cute Cats in Hats. Oh, and whilst you’re finalising your own beauty appointments, book them into a grooming parlour so they’ll look (and smell) their best on the big day.

But it’s not all about them looking good, they need to behave themselves too. Here’s where you need your sensible head as things to consider are:

Will they feel overwhelmed? Speaking as a cat mummy, I know that my cats would actually hate being in a room full of noisy people, loud music and lots of legs walking in different directions. Some dogs are really sociable – and will probably lap up all the extra attention – but other dogs and animals may actually hate it and prefer the safety of a quiet corner … or even home.

Might they get a little over-friendly? Your guests may not coo over your pet quite so much once it’s jumped up at them and scratched it’s way down their legs. Talking of your guests, for goodness sake, make sure no one suffers from any pet allergies too!

Can they go the distance? A wedding is a l-o-n-g day. It may be fairer to choose one part of the day for your pet to be involved in. Maybe welcoming the guests or during the ceremony. Obviously don’t forget to get some pictures in before he/she/they go home. You should also enlist the help of someone other than you and your intended to be in charge of your pet. You can then look on adoringly even if the appointed handler seems to be struggling. Don’t forget to load their pockets up with treats.

I decided that my wedding would be too much for my pussies so instead I had pictures of Spike and Maisie’s cute little faces printed onto ribbon and tied around my bouquet. But please tell me if you’re braver than me. To this day, I wish they’d been there….

Sarah x

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Pictures courtesy and …. me!


  • I sometimes think I live my puppy more than my fiancé!!! He’ll def be making an appearance on the day xx

    1 year ago : Meg
  • The most annoying thing about this bloody lockdown? My puppy is no longer a puppy. Yes, he’s still coming to the wedding but his puppy cuteness is gone….

    2 years ago : cass
  • I think I’ve just stumbled upon the cutest bridal post I’ve ever seen. I suddenly want a llama! Pip

    3 years ago : Pippa
  • I actually chose my venue because it advertises that the sheep, goats, horses and chickens on the property can be used in wedding pictures. One bride even rode a horse to meet her groom at the ceremony. Now that’s an entrance!!!!!!

    3 years ago : Ayeesha
  • BEYOND CUTE!!!!!!!!
    I think my cats wouldn’t love it as much as i would love having them there. I’ve already included pictures of (all 7 of) them on the save the date cards. Everyone calls me a cat lady so no one would bat an eye if they were there. I think i’d worry about losing them. But then as you say, just have a cat sitter to take them home before the real drinking begins! x

    3 years ago : Jen
  • Oh……… be still my beating heart. I didn’t realise I wanted to include puppies in my wedding until I saw your post. Now I just need to get some puppies! I love, love, LOVE this post. Ellen x

    3 years ago : ellen