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Why you should be switching to body oil

(This is not a paid for or sponsored ad. Products featured are press samples or personal purchases)I love how certain beauty products can whisk me straight out of my bathroom to somewhere way more fabulous, say a tropical island, a sunbaked beach, a relaxing spa or an english country garden. I close my eyes, click open a lid and away I go. It’s why I love body oils, apart from the fact that they’re a breeze to apply and leave my skin smooth in all the right places. I know some people think of body oils as messy, confusing or a nasty slip on the floor waiting to happen but I’m hoping this post will convince and convert the haters…

Why you should try them
Apart from less arm ache to apply you mean? Or the fact that they’re so packed full of essential oils that often you don’t need to wear perfume? Unlike body lotions which have other ingredients, think of oils as a super-concentrated shot of moisture to nourish your skin leaving it radiant and gently gleaming.

Which ones you should try
I’m a bit of a magpie where body oils are concerned. I like to sniff them in-store but if that’s not possible I choose a scent based on it’s therapeutic promise to make me feel relaxed, invigorated or give me a confidence boost from a bottle. I also have a quick look at the ingredients list to make sure that an oil like coconut or jojoba tops the list. Talking of ingredients, the longer the list the more likely I am to sniff out something else, especially if I don’t understand what they are. It explains my four faves:

Olverum The Body Oil, £40
The aromatic scent is just divine. Very Aaaahhhh…, uplifting but also comforting. Each bottle has 30 oils packed into it – things like raspberry seed, lavender, sandalwood and frankincense. It feels like liquid silk on my skin. It’s really light – great now that the weather’s warming up – and sinks straight in. Oh, and I love how the english herby scent lingers not only on my skin but in the air too. My only criticism is that I’m constantly worried about dropping and smashing the glass bottle. A small price to pay when it gives such strong shelf appeal however…

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Body Oil, £46
You get a whole heap of jojoba mixed with cardamom, rose and clary sage essential oils for your money along with a major kick of confidence. This is my go-to oil before facing any tricky situs. It’s my security blanket. I’m a bit of an AA fan on the quiet as I rotate De-Stress, Revive and Inner Strength depending on my mood. They all deliver lovely sheen-y skin with no slick to soak in. I’d recommend Inner Strength for your W-day.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, £38.50
This was the first luxe body oil I ever tried. Before then, I thought body oils were best saved for male strippers (did I mention that working on more! magazine necessitated me to rub a lot of baby oil into a lot of male strippers?) This oil was a total breakthrough in my little beauty book. The most sumptuous holiday scent that delivered gorgeously hydrated skin with no slip. My hands were their softest ever just from applying it. I still use it and am always transported to sipping cocktails on a tropical beach (via cancelling tickets for a Chippendales show.) 

Dr Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil, £21
The name says it all. Olive oil is infused with jojoba, horse chestnut and lavender oils amongst others. Me-time summons a locked bathroom door, a spotify playlist, a bubble bath and finally a helping of this nourishing oil before hitting the duvet. I like how it needs to be pumped rather than poured so there’s no chance of spillage or dropping the bottle.

How you should use them
I like to pour a penny-sized drop into one palm at a time and smooth it into freshly showered skin, while it’s still slightly damp. You’ll see that a little goes a long way and as long as you don’t drench your skin, the oil will sink in really quickly so you can get dressed straight away. I rarely need more than three helpings to cover my body and I love how my skin doesn’t start to look dry or ashy during the day.

Now that summer’s on the horizon, I hope all former body oil haters will give one a go. I promise they won’t make your skin feel greasy – just really nourished and glow-y. And who wouldn’t want that? 

Now, go forth and reap the results. If you can recommend me a body oil to try – maybe a more budget one than I’ve mentioned above – please let me know.

Sarah x

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  • I absolutely agree that body oils are the way forward. My skin feels dreamily soft (so my H2B tells me) plus it’s so quick to apply – much more so than a regular body cream. I also find that I only need a couple of drops so one bottle lasts a looooooooooong time….. India

    3 years ago : india
  • you’re absolutely right about dry skin looking ashy. even using a really thick cream doesn’t last all day. especially now that the weather’s improving, I find using an oil keeps my legs looking better for much longer. i’ll look out for your recommendations. I’ve only ever used bio oil which I do like because it doesn’t leave my skin slippy. Iris

    3 years ago : iris
  • Beautiful picture

    3 years ago : Carolyn
  • Love how you managed to squeeze (!) male strippers into a beauty post. Hilare …. and so true. They must get through barrels of baby oil. (Bet their skin feels lovely actually. Ok back to work…..)

    3 years ago : Dionne
  • I absolutely love everything about Elemis monoi except for one thing …. the lid. It’s so small and fiddly that nine times out of ten I drop it when trying to twist it back on. Oily hands don’t help. It’s a smash waiting to happen. But it really does smell like a Caribbean holiday. Nikki x

    3 years ago : Nik
  • Olverum sounds lush. I need to sniff this out xx

    3 years ago : Ellie
  • I use my nuxe oil in my hair too as an intensive conditioner. When it’s wasjed out my hair feels amazing. Tiff

    3 years ago : Tiffany
  • Body oils are better in every way I think to creams. They’re easier to rub in, don’t leave your skin too sticky to dress, have harder working ingredients plus last way longer as you need so little for full body coverage. My bottle of decleor aromessence has lasted 6 months so far Candie

    3 years ago : Candy