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7 Winter Wedding Hair Looks You’ll Love

Furry shrugs, flickering candles, fairy lights and not a passing thought for the weather. That’s why I wanted to be a winter bride. An added bonus was that I wouldn’t need to worry about summer-sweaty skin or a possible humidity-wrecking mop flop. 

Actually, where hair ‘style’ is concerned, it’s a much kinder season to get spliced. Curls stay bouncy, straight hair doesn’t kink, fringes don’t separate and extensions don’t run the risk of exposing themselves. Oh, and accessories look way more amazing too. Sparkling diamante combs, antique gold headbands and flower crowns. Hang on, flower crowns? In winter? Scroll down if you don’t believe me. Presenting seven winter wedding-worthy do’s you can’t fail to fall head over heels for – and right at the bottom of the post, the kit you need to pull them off….

1. How stunning is this ‘Dragon Braid’ created by Lindsey Pengelly for Free People. Some eased-in extensions will give you more weight if you’re lacking in that department. Start by winding small sections around straighteners to create kinky curls. Next, take a section from above your ear and plait it through, stopping about three inches short from the tips. Secure it with a band then gently pull out the plait to make it look fuller. Pull the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail just below your crown, adding the plait before you secure it all. Add in a few diamanté pins for decoration. What do you think?

2. Y’see, how ice maiden-pretty does this bride look in her flower crown? I love how she opted for one bursting with wintry white flower heads studded amongst lush green leaves. Want to try it yourself? Start by curling damp hair around your straighteners then brush it out. Backcomb the top then curl up small sections and pin to create an asymmetric shape. Mist with hairspray just before fixing on the crown so as not to damage the petals and if or when any tendrils fall free, leave them.

3. Flower crowns work just as perfectly on wintry down do’s too. I love how this bride has used her straighteners to twist her hair, left it unbrushed and just pushed in a deep pink and plum coloured crown. You can buy this one from Etsy for under £30. Simple but super pretty.

4. So this do is all about the drop-dead beautiful Hermione Harbutt Nova Droplet headband, £395, sprinkled with gold Swarovski crystals. Again, straighteners will give your hair some shape but don’t over style otherwise you run the risk of a fierce competition for attention.

5. Have you spotted a theme? That I love ‘undone’ dos. No stiff chignons or face-lift tight buns. Hair that’s just sort of happened is definitely my thing. Like this dishevelled pillow bun. You can find a step-by-step tutorial on scoring one here but what I like about this bride’s pillow is that it’s covered in wayward curls. The piece de resistance? The rose, red berry, pine cone and fern covered comb.

6. I mean, seriously! Be still my beating heart. I want to get married again just so I can wear this beyond beautiful Aphrodite Crown, £1295 from Hermione Harbutt. Okay, so I won’t have any budget left for the actual dress but still…. Mother of pearl flowers clustered together sitting atop soft waves. I’m in hair lust. Oh, and I want her bouquet too.

7. And so my theme continues. Soft curls piled up haphazardly and left to do their own thing. No accessories and still, so beautiful. There’s a lot of backcombing going on and quite possibly some extensions but this style has legs. What doesn’t stay up as a result of enjoying every minute of your wedding day will fall prettily.

To score any of them you need a. great hair – read how to get it here on my Winter Hair SOS guide and b. a hair kit consisting of some shrewd purchases. Mine would be Paks Remy Popular Straight Human Hair Clip, £27 , Toni & Guy label.m Professional Titanium Pro 50 Straighteners, £84.95 and L’Oreal Elnett Extra Strength Hairspray, £1.65.

So there you have it. My selection of seven gorgeous hairstyles for winter brides. Which one is your favourite?

Sarah x

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  • What a to do! I’ve totally planned a winter look with entwined flowers and now the weathers changed. I think I’ll need hair up as it’s so thick and long. 😩 vic

    2 months ago : Vic
  • I’m using clip ins to achieve a loose ponytail – I love your pic above. It’s def made it to my Pinterest board. Sam

    3 months ago : Sam
  • Any chance you could find styles this good for someone with shoulder length fine hair? I’d love to feel as good as any of your models

    1 year ago : Darcy
  • My goodness! So beautiful, i want to make a hairstyle too

    2 years ago : deja
  • I’m thinking a hair piece is the way forward if I’m going to score a decent, long lasting do. A worthwhile investment indeed

    2 years ago : .
  • Hair . Of . Dreams.

    No more to say

    3 years ago : Marsha
  • Omg! So sooooo beautiful. Well that’s decided how I’m wearing my hair then!

    3 years ago : Tilly