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16 brilliant beauty hacks it’s okay to try on your wedding day

Getting married can be a major strain on your bank balance. While there are some things you shouldn’t ever scrimp on – like the dress of your dreams, the venue you’ve set your heart on and the food (unless you want hangry guests) – where you can save some pennies without it showing is on your beauty budget. For this post, I’ve joined forces with financial whizz Kate Pattinson from Ashleigh Money Saver to ‘nail’ (pun intended) a few ways to still be the world’s most beautiful bride … but on a budget. Things like…

Easy eye hacks
1.  Unruly eyebrows? Spritz some hairspray on a toothbrush to tame them into place.
2.  Wonky wings? Grab a spoon to score a perfect flick of eyeliner. The curved part will help you achieve a smooth top line across your lids and the handle will guide you to a straight flick.
3.  Lashes lacking curl? Either pop your eyelash curlers on a warm radiator or give them a ten-second blast from the hairdryer. It’s a lot quicker and cheaper than a pro treatment.
4.  Struggling to draw a straight line? If you’re doing your own make-up and are messing up your kohl, it’s a whole heap easier if you warm the nib of the pencil up first. Again, the radiator or a short sharp blast from your hairdryer should do it.

Easy lip hacks
5.  Pout in need of a plump? Adding a drop of peppermint oil to your lipgloss can fake you fuller lips (and fresher breath) plus if you apply or smudge in your lip colour with your finger it’ll give the illusion of a softer, puffed-up pout.
6.  Lips don’t last? Kiss-proof your favourite shade by patting a matching shade of powder blusher on top to lock it in place. Add another coat of lipstick then pucker up.
7.  Rioja-tinted teeth? Subtly rub the inside of some lemon peel across them. (Bingo! A great excuse to switch to G&T!)
8.  Blush gone AWOL? Grab your rose-tinted lippy again and dot it onto the apples (fattest part) of your cheeks blending well for a rosy glow.

Easy nail hacks
9.  French mani fail? Even with shaky hands, if you stick some tape or even a plaster over your nails leaving just the to-be-painted tip, you’ll get a pro-looking manicure. Some vaseline on the skin around your nails will make cleaning away any mistakes a cinch.
10. Broken nail? Resist the urge to burst into tears and instead snip the corner off a teabag, smother it with nail glue then wrap it around the break. You can then fix your colour once it’s dry.
11. Smudged colour? I’ve done this for years (am obviously very impatient.) Simply ‘lick’ your colour back into place. Let it air dry for a few minutes then dunk them into ice cold water to set them in super-quick time.
12. Too stumpy? If you’re a natural nail girl but just couldn’t get them to grow as long as you’d have liked them too, try ‘contouring’ your nail colour. Huh? Concentrate the colour down the centre of your nail leaving the sides either bare or a slightly paler shade. It’ll elongate the look of your nails.

Easy hair hacks
13.  Flopped mop? Keep it up by spritzing your kirby grips with hairspray to give them more guts.
14. Attack of the frizzies? I’ve watched a session stylist calm down a bride’s flyaways courtesy of a toothbrush spritzed with hairspray. It worked a treat and for the second time, secures a spare toothbrush space in your beauty kit.
15. Seriously lacking shine? Skim your hairbrush bristles across palms coated with glossing serum. When you brush your hair the serum will be distributed evenly without risk of overdosing.
16. Up do more an up don’t? Snip the toes off a sock, roll it down into a doughnut shape, poke through your ponytail and wrap it into a bun.

Which hacks would you try? Have you any others to suggest for not lazy, just money-savvy B2Bs?

Sarah x

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  • baby wipes!!!
    they’ll clean off any mucky mishaps plus will calm static hair,

    4 months ago : amie
  • If and when I finally get my wedding day I shall be adopting many of these genius hacks!!

    1 year ago : Fay
  • With the year we’ve had – and the wedding we’re gonna have – i’m going for all the money saving hacks I can find.

    2 years ago : Jen
  • Love the sock idea! I’ve unruly hair and lots of it. I know an updo won’t last and a down do will go frizzy. I’ll use all of your advice on my big day – and swipe a sock off my groom if need be 🙂

    2 years ago : bella