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7 signs that your wedding make-up is wrong

Nice dress, shame about the slap! Imagine that all over Facebook…. It’d be more than enough to get a girl crying into her confetti! So, to ace the most photographed (and scrutinised by strangers) day of your life, I thought I’d run through some potential bridal beauty blunders. I confess that I mentally made this list during a catwalk show at a wedding fair last weekend. And they had a pro make-up artist! Anyway, here goes…..

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1. Mis-matched foundation
Just because you’ve been faithful to a certain brand or shade for years doesn’t mean that it’s right for you now. It amazes me that anyone will chance choosing a foundation online. Like internet dating, how can you be absolutely sure of a perfect match? It’s so easy to bob into Boots and get colour matched these days. Remember that your dress may leave some of your décolletage on show too and you don’t want a mismatch between your face and body. Also, consider whether you’re getting a fake tan which could mean the shade is all wrong too.

2. Obvious concealer
Concealer’s job is to disguise flaws, not draw attention to them. But if you choose the wrong shade or texture, that’s exactly what’ll happen. Getting professionally colour matched is the easiest way to ensure it doesn’t look obvious, plus one shade won’t always do. Peachy tones are good for covering dark circles whilst one that matches your foundation will be good for spots.

3. Bronzing overload
Now I love a healthy flush of bronzer but it’s easy to get carried away. Don’t confuse it with self-tan. Rather than apply it all over your face, just use it to highlight your cheekbones, forehead and chin. Dust it on lightly, making sure you blend it well. There’s nothing worse than a bronzed face against a white neck and décolletage, so add a hint of colour along your collarbone and down your neck too.

4. Leaking mascara
Avoid a panda-monium! Go with a new mascara (to avoid flakes) and road test it before the big day (to check how it’ll perform in stressful/happy situations.) Waterproof is a good idea, or go one better with a long-lasting tint mascara that’s guaranteed to stay put for hours.

5. Glow, not glare
This is not the day to rival the disco-ball for shine. Every make-up artist I ever asked recommended a sheer foundation to give a flattering dewy, camera-loving glow topped with translucent powder dusted lightly across the forehead, sides of nose and chin to control shine and add a dose of radiance. Instead of matting down cheeks, use a shimmery highlighter across the tops of your cheekbones.

6. Kiss of death
or bleeding lipstick as it’s otherwise known. Not exactly the winning wedding smile eh? It often happens when too much lippy has been piled on. A couple of thin coats is better and more budge-proof than one big gloopy one. When you’re finished, pop your finger in your mouth and pull it out, along with excess colour which may otherwise end up on your teeth.

7. Not so pretty in pink
It’s the cutest colour of the season but unless you’re sandwiching a line of kohl between pink lids and black lashes, you’ll either look like you’re tired, have been crying all night or are packing a punch for all the wrong reasons. If black kohl seems too harsh, try a navy or aubergine shade instead. And don’t play matchy-matchy with your lips and cheeks too. Play down the rest of your make-up.

So promise me you won’t commit any of these make-up crimes on your Big Day. Any others you want to add to my list…?

Sarah x

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  • Bad eyeshadow I can spit at 100 paces. Always use a primer to avoid creasing and make your colour go on smoother. Choose colours that are opposite to your eye colour (so purple on blue eyes, rose on green eyes and blue on brown eyes). Apply using clean brushes in a light sweeping motion otherwise the color will look grubby and uneven and don’t forget to make your brows and lashes look perfect too. Mayley xx

    4 years ago : Mayley
  • Where matching eyes and lips are concerned, I think people look dirty if they say, match gold eyes with brown lipstick. Even worse if they add bronzer. I think neutral palettes are quite tricky, even tho they’re seen as a safe option for brides. Its so easy to look either grubby or just drab. x

    4 years ago : Faye
  • Hilarious… but I’m suddenly self-conscious and feel the need for one of those light-up make-up mirrors. x

    4 years ago : Viv
  • Am printing and leaving this post on my bosses desk. Should put an end to her gold up-to-the eyebrows eyeshadow….. xx

    4 years ago : Dbaxter
  • Hangs head in shame. I think I’m guilty of a few of the above. Hopefully a make-up artist on the day will get the foundation, concealer and bronzing right. And I’m going to blame my MOH if anything else goes wrong and unnoticed! xx

    5 years ago : sian