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Dr Organic Charcoal Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner

So here’s where I share my favourite couldn’t-get-spliced-without-them products. Today it’s the turn of Dr Organic Charcoal Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Here’s why I love them….


I saw a lot of charcoal over the summer. Most of it was nestling inside barbecues but then quite a bit was inside my beauty cabinet too. It seems like charcoal is everywhere – in skincare, toothpastes and now haircare. I like how squeaky clean a charcoal-loaded face wash leaves my skin. Try it if you’re prone to spotty outbreaks as it’s great at sucking dirt and oil out of pores. I also like it in toothpaste as it didn’t take long for me to notice how my teeth seemed brighter. So far so great, especially if like I was, you’re an over-stressed, coffee-fuelled bride-to-be.

As far as charcoal in haircare is concerned, it lifts away product build-up just as in skincare. So kind of like a clarifying shampoo which gently cleans the hair and scalp without stripping away any of it’s natural oils. Which is always good, especially if you’ve got a sensitive scalp or have forked out on expensive colour.

Easy on the eye as well as the wedding budget, I opted to trial Dr Organic’s Charcoal Purifying Shampoo and Purifying Conditioner, £5.99 each. They sit pretty amongst a new seven-strong line-up of products, all containing activated charcoal (which is basically specially treated carbon.) The formulas are black as you’d expect, but quickly turn to a grey foam when mixed with water. I stuck with one shampoo as normal (which lathered up nicely) before applying the conditioner to my mid-lengths and ends. Having really fragile hair, whenever I try something new, my big test is seeing how tangled my hair is after washing. Whilst I’d never rough dry my hair as if towelling off a dog after a walk in the rain, my fine, fragile hair does get easily tangled. I found that after using this Dr Organic duo, not only did my hair feel softer and cleaner, best of all, combing was a breeze. Phew!

Reading up a bit more on the range, the products are sourced from oak trees and as well as cleansing the hair and scalp, create an invisible shield against pollutants which may otherwise damage your hair and dull your colour. As an everyday shampoo/conditioner combo I think they’re really good – and the shampoo in particular seems a lot less drying than other clarifying shampoos I’ve tried. Plus as I mentioned before, one dose of shampoo is enough. I reckon I’ll go back and try some of the other products in the range. Along with deep cleansing skincare and extra whitening toothpaste, there’s a body wash which is definitely on my wish list.

Have you tried any activated charcoal products? What are your favourites?

Sarah x

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  • I’m using this pair at the moment. It is a good range but make sure you rinse, rinse and rinse again otherwise it could feel a bit yukky.

    4 years ago : Libby
  • I use a lot of styling product so know I need to use a mild shampoo to get rid of it all. These sound good. I’ll give them a go x

    4 years ago : Ellen
  • Yeah, I’m quite into charcoal products – I’ve read that they draw impurities out which I definitely need as far as my skin is concerned. I like the idea that hair products could reduce grease and other build up. Steph

    4 years ago : Steph
  • My hair feels really bogged down with hairspray and other product build-up. It has zero shine and I hate it. I thought a colour was what i needed but I think I’ll try a clarifying shampoo first. Thanks xx

    5 years ago : Laurie
  • My hairdresser recommended I try a clarifying shampoo – though the one she wants me to buy was £23! Thank you for this recommendation x

    5 years ago : Davina
  • I’ve never tried a clarifying shampoo but it sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing x

    5 years ago : Bren
  • I like the sound of this as the clarifying shampoo i currently use is good really for once a week otherwise my hair feels super dry. cx

    5 years ago : Caroline
  • It’s nice to see a bridal website recommend something affordable! It sounds really good – and I too have seen loads of charcoal products in the shops. Reckon I’ll give these a go x

    5 years ago : Amy