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10 ways to make your tan last longer

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Now I’m all for safe sun, whether it be from a bottle or the beach. Having sunkissed skin makes me feel healthier, slimmer and happier. I thought I’d share as many ways as I could think of that I use to keep my tan glowing as long as possible. Things like…

  1. Pill popping
    Long before my skin even sees the sun (or the tube tan) I start popping pills so that when it shows up it looks better and lasts longer. What supp? Always Imedeen Tan Optimizer Tablets, £40. Apparently, they contain a pigment that’s found in bronze petals to boost your glow from the inside.

2. Skin buffing
Don’t worry, you won’t be buffing your bronze away; just scuffing off dull, parched surface cells to let your colour go on gleaming through. Don’t go for anything too scratchy though. Something non-abrasive like Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub, £29 is perfect (plus gives good shelfie.)

3. Body moisturising
I tend to save the aftersun for the kids and use a regular moisturiser on myself. Something sumptuous, with a slight golden shimmer like Sienna X Radiance Body Balm, £11.95. Keeping skin well hydrated definitely helps my tan stay even-looking for longer.

4. Get wet
During my magazine years, it was drummed into me how many people shower wrong. And to think it was simply a case of switching to hot, bubbling up and rinsing off! Oh no. To save your skin (and in this case your tan) you should shower in cool water and use a shower oil, otherwise, you could be on a one-way-trip to peel city. Try Dove Nourishing Shower Oil, £4.99.

5. Get drunk
Okay, so it’s on water. But knocking back the H2O, whether it’s hot or cold, helps to keep skin hydrated which prolongs the life of your cells and therefore the life of your tan. Cheers! (sort of)

6. Be massaged
“Bare” with me (geddit?) Who would say no to a massage? It feels good and it stimulates skin. Should your G2B choose to rub a little body oil between his warm palms first, then so much the better. You’ll come away with sleeker looking limbs and a nicely hydrated tan. It doesn’t get any more glam than Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, £19, a fabulous non-greasy oil shot with golden shimmer.

7. Clever faking
Top up your colour with a clever faker. I tend to opt for gradual tanners, alternating between an in-shower product and a lotion. I’ve had to label my St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion, £14.50 so that Mr BBE keeps his mitts off it. As far as my outer-shower experience goes, I’ve always used Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion, £5.49. Maybe I’m a colour coward, but I’ve never ventured away from the Light formula. Anyway, my skin feels nice, smells nice, looks nice and most importantly, never looks streaky.

8. Stay hairy
No, I don’t mean that. *shudders* Hairy bits do not a bronze goddess make. But I do avoid any harsh treatments like waxing which strips off the top layer of your skin (and therefore my previously mentioned fake tan.) I’m a razor girl throughout the summer months.

9. Eat carrots
I don’t mean eat loads of carrots and keep your fingers crossed that you might turn into one. Although, having said that, I was sent a press release which stated that foods rich in Beta-carotene (like carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach and romaine lettuce) contained an orangey-red pigment which could make your skin seem darker. Bugs Bunny ‘eat’ your heart out…

10. Wear white
or bright! Before you laugh, this is a tried and trusted tip, based on years of research shooting beauty stories in all the sunniest corners of the world. Occasionally the model would show up, looking well paler than we’d have liked for a suntan story. More Bromley than Barbados. Cue some furious fake tanning and the presentation of a white bikini. Add a coral lip and she suddenly looked hot to trot. I’m certain that white in particular, creates the illusion of gorgeously golden skin. Give it a whirl (but watch for tan marks on the ‘kini.)

Long live your glow! How do you keep your tan glowing?

Sarah x

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  • If I stay hairy and white then I’m sorted for summer colour….? Oh, as long as I’ve got a tan. Love this post.

    3 years ago : Dee
  • I’m still fully in bride zone so wearing white is fine with me!!! Love the product recommendations and how to tips. Your whole site is really friendly and with a great mate tone. Love it. Romilly xx

    4 years ago : Rom
  • Wow…. great tips. Thanks. Love the idea of the massage….. Bxx

    4 years ago : Billie
  • Stay hairy and wear white!!! You’re hilarious. Love it! Xx

    4 years ago : Lucie
  • The sun is out. I’m hairy, pale and totally unprepared. Has anyone tried that st tropez in shower tanner? Is it too good to be true? It sounds brill Hayley xx

    4 years ago : Hayley
  • I caught sight of myself in a shop mirror today. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pale. Suddenly there are fake tans everywhere. Mousses, sprays, colourless sprays (!) and creams (which will always terrify me.) I bought myself a posh mousse and a primark mitt so I’m going in! Bronzed goddess I shall be…….

    4 years ago : Ellen
  • Wear white! I LOVE that! What an ace idea – and obvs not just on the big day. Hope there is white in the sales……

    4 years ago : Viv
  • Great tips. I second buffing and piling on body cream. The cheaper the better too. Can’t go wrong with a supermarket own brand. Save your money for wedding shoes!!!! Dom xx

    4 years ago : Dbaxter
  • I can vouch for those inessential tabs. Totes amaze!

    5 years ago : Bobbie
  • Wear white! Ha! Love it. And so true. I didn’t realise I did that but I so do xx

    5 years ago : Ang
  • Fake tan and body oil (with a golden shimmer.) that ll keep you gleaming away. Wens

    5 years ago : Wgc
  • I find that exfoliating really brings back the glow. Plus if you’re about to peel, it probably won’t happen which again can make your tan look dry and grubby. Good old fashioned buffing mitts work a treat. Tanya

    5 years ago : Tanya
  • I need these tips in my like, like NOW! It’s as if my holiday never happened!

    5 years ago : Petra
  • Gold also makes skin look more tanned I reckon. Plus my sequinned gold bikini is not pool friendly so I just have to tan deeper. Morag x

    5 years ago : Moggiemoo
  • Vouching for the Dove shower oil. Is like heaven. My skin feels soooo good afterwards. Cara xo

    5 years ago : CDavis
  • So I’ve just been in Asos and ordered a white bandeau dress, white denim cut-offs and 3 white bikinis. I’ve also bought Vita Liberata spray tan so I’m sorted for summer. Bring it on! Debs x

    5 years ago : Debbiedodo
  • Great tips and I love the sound of the Sienna X oil xx

    5 years ago : Frances