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10 pretty ‘millennial pink’ wedding hits

You can’t have failed to notice that a milkshake-y shade of pink is just about everywhere at the moment. And I’m thinking that Millennial Pink is pretty perfect for your Big Day. Here are some of my fave ways to get pink (to-make-your-boy-wink) into your wedding…

1 A pink wedding dress
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.06.07

Behold, the ultimate dress-of-dreams. A flattering deep v-neck bodice scattered in white lace falling to a soft A-line layered skirt in the prettiest pink imaginable. Stunning!
Eva Lendel Britany

2 A pink lingerie duo
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 13.17.32

You may want to wear something sexy but believe me, the most important thing to consider when choosing wedding lingerie is that it’s comfy. What I love about this pad-free pink bra is that it’s supportive enough to keep everything in place, will make everything look super smooth and is still really pretty.
Chantelle Hedona Underwired Moulded Bra, £44 and matching knickers, £20

3 Pink pumps

Putting this post together is making me want to get married all over again. Imagine kicking your heels off and slipping these little cuties complete with pink laces on…
Personalised Mono White Bride Converse, £81

4 A pink kimono

Feeling great whilst caught up in the getting-ready whirlwind is just as important as feeling your most beautiful when you’re ready to meet your man. What’s not to love about this soft pink embroidered satin “bride” kimono?
Promise Forever Custom Satin Bride Robe, £14.20

5 Pink hair

Blush tinted waves = hair heaven. Check out my post on how pastel coloured hair can really pretty up your wedding look.

6 A pink hair garland
1498125949_Hermione Harbutt Sakura Headdress 395 Amy Fanton 24

Cherry pink blossoms, mixed with mother of pearl flowers to create an unbelievably beautiful and instagram-worthy wedding updo. Okay, so it’s not cheap but I still wish I’d found this before my own Big Day.
Hermione Harbutt Sakura Garland, £395

7. A pink tattoo

Wearing your heart on your…. well, wherever you want to stick it! Commitment-shy brides will love sticking on a few cheeky tatts anywhere they dare. With 6 hearts, 4 rings and a further 34 mini hearts and stars, the whole bridal party can get in on the fun.
How-Store Bride Squad Temporary Tattoo Set, £5

8. A pink mani

Gotta be the easiest way to put some pink in your bridal look. There are sooooo many pink polishes to choose from, but I gotta say, for colour and longevity, this creamy one’s my fave.
OPI Hopelessly In Love Nail Lacquer, £11

9 A pink flower clip
glitz good

Behind one ear or pushed into the side of a chignon, what’s great about a fake flower clip is that it’ll stay in place and look good all day long. This one looks convincingly real too, which is a bonus in my little white book!
Glitz4Girlz Pink Rose Flower Hair Clip, £4.19

10. A pink lipgloss
bare m

For a plumper, non-sticky pout in seconds and in a flatters-anyone shade of barely-there pink. Looks gorgeous on its own or pressed onto lipstick’d lips.
Bare Minerals Moxie Plumping Lipgloss in Charmer, £17

Do you love this colour too? What other millennial pink things would you incorporate into your wedding day?

Sarah x

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  • this is so nice. can you do other colours please? like blue, lilac and dare I say it, even black? even if they’re not right for the bride, it’s nice to think about the bridesmaids. cx

    3 years ago : claire
  • Ahhhhh pink is my fave colour and the reception will be pink and white. I think I’m going to swap the something blue for something pink tho. Baby pink lingerie would be so pretty! X

    4 years ago : Libby
  • Yep, every bride to be deserves a bride getting ready gown. and this one is pink. sounds pretty perfect to me!

    4 years ago : Lucy
  • Pink undies. I’d not thought of that. It’s so obvious to pick white but actually why???? It’s not going to show thru your dress and is an unexpected surprise. I may go so far as saying, what’s the point of Virginal white anyway……………. Fnar Fnar x

    4 years ago : Geri
  • Those trainers are super cute. I’m wearing a knee length skater style dress. I never wear heels and was shopping miserably for flats. I live in trainers – it never occurred to me that I could get married in them too. Thank you. Tara xx

    4 years ago : tara
  • I’d love to add a touch of pink to my big day. It’s my fave colour and let’s face it, way more flattering than white. A dress that combines white with a colour would look surprising and really stunning. I’d never have thought of it – thank you xxxxxxc

    4 years ago : Darcey
  • Ah…. I’ve just added the trainers, the tattoos and the satin robe to my lust list. I really want them for my hen spa weekend. Great post and cool pix

    4 years ago : Jas
  • I hear you DB. Why do they walk around with that wishy washy been shampooed too many times but can’t be bothered to recolour look. It’s so bad! Fi x

    4 years ago : Fiona
  • I’m seeing a hell of a lot of “Schwarzkopf Live” ladies who look really bad. For pities sake, if you’re going for colour, go to a professional! X

    4 years ago : Dbaxter
  • Wow. That Eva Lendel dress is beyond stunning. It looks like it would be comfortable too. This post has given me such inspiration. Thank you. Rita x

    5 years ago : Reet x
  • My dress is baby pink but I decided that a different shade for the MOH would be too much. Instead now, she’s wearing burgundy. We’re both having burgundy lipstick plus i’m having silver hair acc and she’s having jewelled. Pinterest is the place for inspiration. Your boards are great btw. xoxo

    5 years ago : Lotty
  • My bridesmaids are in cerise pink. Your post has given me an idea. It’s my favourite colour so why don’t I wear a baby pink dress?? I thought it’d make me look like a bridesmaid too but the gown you’ve chosen – plus I’ve looked at your pinterest board – shows they’re definitely bridal. xx

    5 years ago : Jocelyn
  • My wedding is a mix of baby pink and black. I love your ideas. I realise you focus on fashion and beauty would love your ideas on table decorations too. xx

    5 years ago : sparkle23
  • I’m having a pink wedding. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I’m definitely getting the trainers for starters…. My decor will be all pink – tablecloths, roses, confetti. Now I just need to find a man’s suit in pink and talk my fiancé into it…. xx

    5 years ago : Christine
  • I want EVERYTHING you’ve mentioned!!! Better start saving….

    5 years ago : sian
  • My favourite thing about millennial pink?? It’s universally flattering. I have dark skin and it looks as good on me as it does my paler tan pale bff x

    5 years ago : Georgia
  • I’m loving millennial pink. I’m hoping it’ll still be hot next spring when I’m getting married. I’ve found some beautiful floral centrepieces, chair backs etc. Now I’m obsessed with finding a pink wedding dress x

    5 years ago : Bettie
  • That dress! The hair! I love them … but am only brace enough to go for the nails! Darn, I wish I was more adventurous! Gorgeous post xx

    5 years ago : Harriet
  • I’m going pink and green!
    Pink bridesmaids with green posies, pink table cloths with green flowers, pink organza bags with green sweets as favours and a mix of pink and green macaroons. LOVE LOVE LOVE pink and green. Together they look fresh and stylish. I’m getting those trainers toot suite! xx

    5 years ago : Bryony