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Footner Exfoliating Socks

So here’s where I share my favourite couldn’t-get-spliced-without-them products. Today, with thoughts of sparkly wedding sandal shopping on my to-do list it’s the turn of Footner’s Exfoliating Socks, £19.99. Hideously fabulous, here’s why I love them….


I can’t be the only person who, once the sun has gone into hiding so does their feet. It’s chunky socks and cosy Ugg boots all the way until late Spring for me. But with foot-baring opportunities still around I decided to save wedding budget pennies and try Footner’s Exfoliating Socks instead. And I still can’t quite believe what happened!

Now some things a girl just doesn’t need to share with her fiancé and wearing plastic bags on her feet I reckon is one of them. So him watching Arsenal downstairs and me catching up on the Home & Away omnibus was the perfect opportunity to rip them open. The bags (because I really can’t describe them as socks) were really large so I sellotaped them to my feet for a snugger fit then added a pair of my own socks. It felt quite cold and squidgy but I’d been expecting some tingling and there was none. An hour later, I wiped my still-unbareable feet clean then hit the duvet.

And that was it for about five days. The instructions did say to wait for up to a week so I wasn’t harrumphing. But OMG, on the dot of day five I woke up to feet that looked like a frightening pastry crust of peeling skin. The soles, the heels and even my toes were shedding skin like a snake! I changed the bed sheets before my fiancé noticed and hoovered the bedroom-to-bathroom carpet picking up my embarrassing trail of skin. As for my feet themselves, well they stayed firmly hidden in socks. The avalanche of dead skin that came when I took them off required the hoover to come out again. And so this continued. I was horrified but amazed at the same time. About five days later my feet looked and felt better than they’ve ever done post-pedicure. Smooth, baby soft and well deserving of a coat of Tom Ford’s decadent Nail Lacquer in Plum Noir, £27. Oh, and my carpets had never been so clean!

A word (well nine) of warning. Don’t save these socks until just before your wedding! At least two weeks before should guarantee no unsightly flake footprints scuppering your big day. That’s not the confetti you were hoping for! If I was to make a list of my beauty guilty pleasures, I think Footner’s Exfoliating Socks would top it. Honestly, they’re amazing and I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to side-step (sorry) a pro pedi.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried them too and what you thought….

Sarah x


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  • I love these socks! They’re disgustingly awesome! Ceri x

    2 years ago : Ceri
  • I think they must be great because they’re sold out everywhere. I was hoping I could buy them through you. I can’t wait to sink my feet into them. Maria x

    2 years ago : Maria
  • I’m gonna buy my hub-to-be some. God know he needs them! 😜😜😜cerys

    2 years ago : Cerys
  • I could do with a full body version!!! 😼Bec x

    2 years ago : Bec
  • 😄😄😄hilarious review! Love it!

    2 years ago : Sal
  • These at SO good! But the temptation to peel off the skin is simposdible to ignore. The skin pile you leave on the floor is gross but also very satisfying Ronnie x

    2 years ago : Veronica Casey
  • Question: why have I never seen these in the shops before? Tegan x👣

    2 years ago : T thomsy
  • GROSS! But really really good🤢😜Ames x

    2 years ago : Amy
  • Itge cheapskate in me bought a stores own version of these. I can’t report anything much happening. Serves me right eh? With flip flop season now here I’ll givevthese a go x

    8 months ago : Lucie
  • You can literally peel your skin off like a banana. It’s so satisfying!!!!

    8 months ago : Jax