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Wedding hair tips from the pros

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Flower power rules ok

Colour Correct: how to score a perfect W-Day hair hue

I once worked for an Editor who couldn’t understand, when I pitched an idea, why anyone would want to dye their hair before their wedding! Because she wants to look and feel her absolute best was my reply (!!!!!) I […]

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Ten tips to ensure you’ll be best-tressed on the day

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Winter Hair SOS

How to score shiny, super-swishy shampoo-ad hair …… even in winter

Gilty looks: gold hair accessories to fall for

So I’m still in a hair accessories place. Since it was pointed out to me that without any headwear, how would anyone looking a close-up shots know I was the bride, it’s become my mission to seek out my dream […]

Blooming chic:

floral hair accessories to fall in love with Hi there! So, in my quest to sniff out the perfect Big Day hair accessory, I’m currently considering my flower options. I love wearing flowers in my hair but on such an […]

Pin Up Pearls

Pearl hair accessories to fall in love with Hi there! So, what I’ve learned recently is that pearls divide people. At a wedding show some time ago, I overheard a stall holder tell a formerly-feeling-fabulous-fiance that her pearl engagement ring could […]

Bling it on:

Diamante hair accessories to fall in love with Hi there! So, today I’m talking about hair accessories. I wasn’t sure I’d want to wear any at first but then a friend pointed out that in close-up pictures that didn’t show […]